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Supastar Neutral Floor Cleaner - Research Products

Supastar is an all surface safe, neutral floor cleaner specifically formulated to keep floors shiny, no sticky residue, no rinsing, fast action performance.


Neutraclean Low Foam Cleaner & Neutraliser - Research Products

Neutraclean is an ideal low foam, creamy textured product with the ability to neutralise alkalinity. Excellent on vinyl, the preferred maintenance cleaner for terrazzo and ceramic tiles to maintain slip resistance.

Breakaway Food Area Approved Degreaser

Degreaser for food industry applications.  Breakaway is a powerful water-based foaming cleanser, ideally suited for greasy and fatty soil removal of walls, floors and equipment used in the food, meat, fish, poultry and dairy industries.
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Shiner Spray Buff Total Floor Maintainer - Research Products

Shiner Spray Buff Total Floor Maintainer - Research Products is an easy way to mop a floor yet leaves behind a polymer film that enhances gloss depth when buffed. Good all round maintenance and spray buff. Available in 5L.
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Glazer Floor Sealer - 5L and 15L Research Products

Glazer Floor Sealer, Polyurethane fortified sealer finish for wet-look floors. Safe at Any Speed 300 to 2000+ RPM. One of the most wear resistant urethane injected finishes we’ve ever made, great resistance to marking and scuffing.

Spartacus Wet Look Gloss Sealer Finish - Research Products

Spartacus Wet Look Gloss Sealer Finish is easy to lay, easy to maintain U.H.S. formula. Excellent gloss and easy burnishing. A top, economical performer with ultra clarity and repair-ability. Ideal “goof proof” product for all types of floors.

Meltdown Solvent Floor Stripper

Meltdown Solvent Floor Stripper is a high solvent stripper for fast penetration on heavy build up. May be used by the no scrub no rinse method. No scrub, no rinse floor finish stripper, just mop-in mop-off.

Crossfire Super Cleaner Degreaser Stripper - Research Products

Super cleaner, degreaser & stripper. “It just mows down dirt, grease and grime” Crossfire is an instant action liquid cleaner. It is formulated to attack the dirtiest industrial and institutional cleaning jobs with minimal surface scrubbing or manual effort.

Descaler 5L Calcium Stain and Rust Removal

Descaler from Research Products is highly active against hard water scale in dish washers.

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Spitfire Advanced Prespray - Research Products

Advanced performance, fast drying, WoolSafe Approved neutral pH  Carpet & upholstery prespray.


Surge Carpet Spotter Prespray - Research Products

All in one - carpet spotter, pre-spray and extraction concentrate. For those still wishing to apply in tank, this is the product for you. May be presprayed as well.


Sensation Protein and Blood Stain Spotter

Protein and blood stain spotter. Traffic lane cleaner for manmade fibres. Sensation from Research Products is a very fast acting alkaline side spotter for protein, food spills, blood, vomit and feces.


Grease Release - Ink Paint Remover Research Products

Grease, ink and paint remover contains 94% aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbon.


Browning Treatment for Carpet and Upholstery

Fast acting, self neutralising, no need to rinse Browning Treatment is an amazing new development formulated to remove most browning and watermark stains on carpet and upholstery.

Power Plus Booster 10Kg - Research Products

Booster, brightener and stain remover for carpets. Stain removing, deodorising booster and brightener for carpets.
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Foamex Carpet Foam Breaker Concentrate - Research Products

Concentrated formula for use in recovery tank of portable extraction equipment.

All Round Encapsulation - Research Products

All Round Encapsulation is a high performance foaming shampoo with stain and resoil protection built in. Brilliant on greasy soils, non tacky stain blocking residue.

Fibresafe pH Reducing Extraction Detergent - Research Products

Carpet and upholstery rinse. Here’s the Easiest way to Clean Carpets Better Than Safer. Neutralises alkalinity from high pH presprays. Add to the rinse tank or inject in line.


Odaban Carpet Odour Absorber - Research Products

Odaban Carpet Odour Absorber is used to remove putrid odours from carpet and hard surfaces. Leaves a fresh aroma. Can also deodorise rotting food, smoke, pets urine and drains.


Odaban E Odour Absorber With Spice Residual

Odaban E Odour Absorber is designed to remove putrid odours from carpet and hard surfaces. It leaves a fresh spicy aroma. It can also deodorise rotting food, smoke, pets urine and drains.


Oven & Grill Cleaner - Research Products

Incredible cleaning power to bring hot plates back like new. Pour on hot, add water, agitate and rinse.

Stainless Steel Cleaner By Research Products

Food grade, high shine, smear free.Contains no silicone or detergents. A stainless steel cleaner that leaves a slick glossy finish.


Sprint Spray & Wipe All Purpose Cleaner - Research Products

Spray and wipe - all purpose cleaner.  It removes general spots, stains and grime on most hard surfaces.

Twice The Spice Double Strength Cleaner and Deodorant

All-in-one double strength deodorant and cleaner. Twice The Spice deodorant air freshener and cleaner is a significant advance in the chemistry of odour control and freshening the environment.

Airlift Florafresh Odour Lifter and Fungicide

A reintroduced upgraded new formula to a brilliant new standard of performance. Uses an unusual clinging fresh clean scent which will be found especially effective in sporting clubs, sauna rooms and aerobic and squash centres.

Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser - Research Products

Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser started it all and is our most effective deodorant that has proven to clean and deodorise effectively in the most heavily used public facilities or badly ventilated toilets.

Unique Non Acid Washroom Cleaner - Research Products

Specialised non-acid cleaner formulated for use on Marble, Granite, Stone bathroom surfaces. It is also suitable for most other bathroom surfaces, including glass.

Powergel Chlorinated Stain and Mould Remover - Research Products

Powerful gel clings to surface. Heavy duty cleaner for removal of mould and rust stains.

Splash Total Washroom Cleaner - Alpine and Caress Fragrances

A total washroom maintainer that removes soap scum and calcium haze on glass, chrome and vitreous surfaces. Fresh fragrance.  

Silky Hand and Body Wash Soap - Research Products

A high-performance softener, enhanced hand and body wash. It contains no soaps or solvents. Triple purpose hand and body wash with grease cutting power. 


Organo - Builders Kleen Descaler - Research Products

Builders Kleen is a great problem solver for many industrial tasks; a powerful descaler. It removes rust and iron deposits, excess gout and mortar.

It provides a safe and environmentally friendly solution to clean brick walls. It is an organic salt and as such in non-corrosive, non-fuming and rated only as a mild irritant towards people. However in the presence of reactive deposits such as calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate, Builders Kleen behaves just like hydrochloric acid, rapidly dissolving scale and calcium deposits. It's fast acting and easy to use.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Click here to download the Builders Kleen Material Safety Data Sheet

B Brite Cleaner and Polisher - Research Products

Spray-on cleaner, shiner and finger mark protector. B Brite Cleaner and Polishers protects, cleans and polishes Glass, Chrome, and Polished Timber, Stainless Steel, Formica, Painted and Vitreous Surfaces.

Halo Fast Dry Glass Cleaner - No Ammonia

This is one of the best window and shiny surface cleaners ever made. Fast dry means window and glass mirrors can be cleaned in half the time. No residue, smear-free, pleasant deodorising fragrance.


Coffee Break Coffee Tannin and Urine spotter

Coffee, tannin and urine spotter, also works on red and pink colours. COFFEE BREAK is a low pH spotter.

Sledgehammer Sealer Remover - Research Products

Premium performance, recyclable wet or dry floor stripper, highly biodegradable, safer to use. It is highly effective in removing ANTI-STATIC FLOOR SEALER however in areas where a base. 
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Punch Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner Research Products

Heavy duty, ceramic tile, quarry tile and concrete cleaner, highly Biodegradable, phosphate free, hi-tech formula. Powerful, highly active ceramic stain remover and restorer.

Spitfire Lavender Carpet Prespray Spotter - Research Products

Ultra fast action, carpet prespray/spotter neutral pH, safe on wool and stain release fibres

Turbo Dry Soil Release - 15L and 5L - Research Products

For dry extraction carpet cleaning and deodorizing process. TURBO DRY SOIL RELEASE, a carefully formulated, low ph, low residue emulsifier and fibre cleaner.