Splash Total Washroom Cleaner - Alpine and Caress Fragrances

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A total washroom maintainer that removes soap scum and calcium haze on glass, chrome and vitreous surfaces. Fresh fragrance.  

New generation, total washroom maintainer disinfectant. It instantly Foams away - dirt, soap scum, mineral deposits, rust and urinary salts. Available in 5L and 15L.

The Need for a Splash

In the past up to five different cleaning products have been required for washroom maintenance. They were:

Acidic toilet bowl and urinal cleaner; a floor washing disinfectant/detergent, a powdered abrasive cleaner for hand basins and fixtures; a concentrated degreaser or bleach cleaner for body fats and mould removal in shower blocks and a glass cleaner for mirrors.

With such a complex range of products, who could expect cleaning productivity and easy staff training? Invariably, the job is not done properly, due to the staff being issued with only one cleaning product, and frankly, it is not going to do the job!

SPLASH - Special Features

SPLASH is a new generation, highly active wide range cleaner for all washroom surfaces, that replaces and outperforms all other wide range cleaning products.

Its special high foaming, fast acting formulation, may be applied by trigger or by foaming equipment and either blasted off with high pressure washers or agitated off with a scouring sponge. There is no heavy scrubbing or rubbing required: the cleaning action bubbles away dirt, its miraculous.

Types of Soils Removed

For removal of rust, soap scum, algae slime, body oils, white calcium deposits and dirt found in washrooms, shower blocks and swimming pools and urinary deposits found in toilet facilities. It can be used even as a glass and mirror cleaner.


For all bathroom surfaces, glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain toilet bowls and wash-basins, shower stalls and partitions, melamine and painted surfaces, grouting and glass as well as chromed taps and fixtures. SPLASH will not discolour stainless steel urinals and leaves them bright and shiny.

Directions for Use

For greatest economy, foaming equipment should be used in combination with pressure washing equipment. For daily applications, trigger spraying or using directorial spot bottles is recommended.

Toilet Bowls and Urinals - Dilution - as supplied
Apply by depressing or spraying neat over entire bowl surface, paying attention to under rim area. Swab down the sides of the bowl into the bend, then flush. Disinfects and deodorises as it cleans.

Showers and Grout - Dilution - 1 to 5
Spray a solution of 1 part SPLASH TO 5 parts water, first on the floor of the shower, then onto the walls. Allow at least 5 minutes for activations, then sponge off with a sponge or scourer.

Walls, Floors, Benches and Fixtures - Dilution - 1 to 20
Either foam mop cleaning or sponge surfaces. Rinse if possible to create a sparkling streak free surface. Taps and fixtures are best rinsed for a streak free finish.


Do not use on aluminium or anodised aluminium.


Keep SPLASH away from eyes and wash skin after use; for those with sensitive skin, gloves should be worn.



  • Quaternary Ammonium Compounds - 50g per kg.
  • Phosphoric Acid 85% 175gms per kg.
  • Surface active and emulsifying agents 3.75%.
  • Glycol, grease cutter and corrosion inhibitors 5.0%.