Descaler 5L Calcium Stain and Rust Removal

Research Products
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Descaler from Research Products is highly active against hard water scale in dish washers.

It removes medium levels of calcium scale, rust and other mineral deposits from stainless steel, mild steel, timber, plastic, ceramic, mineral and painted surfaces.

Available in 5L.

It is a low foaming product and therefore safe to use in C.I.P. (Clean In-Place) systems in the food industry and in commercial washing and laundry equipment. When cleaning systems allow 10 to 20 minutes for circulation and reduce circulation time if hot.

Caution: When diluting always wear impervious chemical resistant gloves and suitable safety glasses with side-shields. Always carefully add Descaler to water to reduce risk of corrosive splash back.

Note: Before use, dilute according to the application type as per the product label.