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Neutraclean is an ideal low foam, creamy textured product with the ability to neutralise alkalinity. Excellent on vinyl, the preferred maintenance cleaner for terrazzo and ceramic tiles to maintain slip resistance.

Available in 5L, 15L, and 200L.
•Low foam formulation ideal for automatic equipment 
•Cuts through greasy soils, spillages and dislodges black heel marks 
•Leaves no residue which helps to prevent re-soiling and maintain a shiny floor 
•When used regularly, floors maintain gloss and require less frequent stripping 
•pH: 4.0 - 5.0

Breakthrough Formulation

For the first time a neutral ph cleaner has been developed for polished floors and general cleaning that actually neutralises destructive alkalinity as you damp mop or auto scrub.

Normally acidic products are required to achieve this alkali neutralisation. NEUTRACLEAN’S unique emulsification system cuts through greasy soils, spillages and helps dislodge black heel marks as you mop or automatic scrub.

NEUTRACLEAN leaves no greasy, sticky, waxy or streaky surface as it dries. This low level of residue helps prevent re-soiling and helps prevent dirt impaction into your floor finish. Your floors will stay remarkably glossy and need less frequent stripping.

Ultra High Speed Glazing? - You Need NEUTRACLEAN!!

As brush or pad speeds travel over 1000 RPM so the need for ultra clean floors become more evident. Glazing at 2000 RPM increases floor temperature and softens floor finishes, allowing surface dirt, dust and grime to penetrate the surface. NEUTRACLEAN removes surface grime more thoroughly and is compatible with 1000 to 2000 RPM machines.

Conventional Speed Polishers

If conventional floor machines are used (300 to 500 RPM) the thermoplastic polymer additives in SHINER may be alternated with NEUTRACLEAN as these machines don’t provide the heat necessary for complete mark removal and high gloss on their own. SHINER’S ingredients work better on gloss development under these conditions when mopped and buffed regularly. NEUTRACLEAN’S formulation leans towards higher performance cleaning.


Adding 100mls NEUTRACLEAN to your clean water rinse helps suspend stripped polish residue and neutralises high ph stripper residues. Generally only one rinse is required to prepare the floor for recoating.

Advantages summarised

  • Self neutralising formula keeps shiny floor shiny – without leaving a residue.
  • Brilliant new additive neutralises alkalinity after stripping yet neutral itself (ph7).
  • Developed specifically for cleaning prior to glazing at between 1000 to 2000 RPM yet can be used to clean all surfaces.
  • Can be applied via mop or automatic equipment.
  • Low foam formulation ideal for automatic scrubbers.


General cleaning and mopping – extra dirty and greasy floors
1 cup to wringer bucket (1 to 40)

General maintenance mopping
½ cup to wringer bucket (1 to 80)

Auto scrubbing
We recommend the least aggressive pad that cleans the level of soil you are experiencing.
On vinyl, we recommended the white, coral or red pads, on terrazzo you may only require white or coral pads.

Normal soil 1 to 120 (500ml per 60 ltr tank)
Light soil 1 to 160 (400ml per 60 ltr tank)

100ml to bucket of rinse water after stripping

Physical and chemical characteristics

Appearance : Slightly viscous, white opaque liquid
Odour : Slight hint of herbal fragrance, essentially odourless
Ph: Neutral 7 + or - .5