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Spray and wipe - all purpose cleaner.  It removes general spots, stains and grime on most hard surfaces.

It is ideal for cleaning walls, desks, melamine and enamel surfaces as well as porcelain tiles and sinks.

Available in 5L.
Sprints Through Hard Cleaning Jobs

Here’s your one hit cleaning kit in a drum that sprints through general spots, stains and grime on all hard surfaces without damage to the finish. Sprint all purpose cleaner takes the hard labour out of all your cleaning chores. Just wipe or spray on - then wipe off dirt with ease. SPRINT is highly concentrated and is designed to outperform all other spray and wipe products when diluted to the type of application.


Two dilutions keep it simple to use and easy to train your staff.

Heavy Duty Mix - 1 part SPRINT 3 parts water.
Ideal for greasy rotisseries, oven and cook top exteriors, wax and polish removal, engine degreasing, and white wall type cleaning. Ideal laundry pre-wash for greasy stains.

Normal Mix - 1 part SPRINT 10 parts water.
Most spray and wipe applications for walls, desks, melamine and enamel surfaces as well as porcelain tiles and baths. Ideal for removal of soap scum and fats in showers. Plastic surfaces like telephones, computers, desk tops and office equipment, typewriters, etc.

Safety Directions

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or poisons information centre. If swallowed, give 2 glasses of water and induce vomiting. Call a Physician.

Emergency & First Aid

Skin Remove contaminated clothing and flush skin with water.
Inhalation Move to fresh air. Seek medical advice.
Eyes Flush eyes with water for 15 minutes.