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All in one - carpet spotter, pre-spray and extraction concentrate. For those still wishing to apply in tank, this is the product for you. May be presprayed as well.

It is ideal for acrylic and nylons. Use with an acid rinse to meet Australian standards.Available in 5L, 15L, and 200L.

SURGE has been formulated and developed for those who wish to reduce the vast quantity of spotters, pre-spray cleaners and powders, etc. to just one highly concentrated, effective and economical product.

For the first time the professional cleaner can use one product to make his own pre-spotting solution, traffic lane cleaning solution as well as an extraction machine detergent. No other carpet extraction liquid tested in our laboratory matches the cleaning performance (particularly on synthetic fibres), the versatility and the price/performance parameters achieved by SURGE.

Why is SURGE so Effective?

It works on so many types of soils:

  • Excellent emulsification of oily and greasy solids by the inclusion of safe cleaning solvents and grease emulsifiers - SURGE is effective even on ink stains.
  • Milk alkaline builders peptise and disperse protein based stains like gravy and mayonnaise as well as removing general soilage.
  • High levels of water softeners prevent calcium build-up (white deposits in pump) and help rinse out old detergent deposits and soap suds left by previous cleaning methods.
  • Metal complexing agents that prevent iron precipitation and help remove old water stains.
  • Corrosion inhibitors reduce corrosion on metal fittings and increase vacuum pump or motor life.
  • Drying agents added to SURGE reduce carpet drying time approximately 20% compared with other liquids or powders on the market.
  • No sticky residues - most other carpet extraction liquids contain detergents that leave sticky residues that attract soil.

Special Feature

Whilst most carpet chemicals are effective on wool, SURGE has been formulated to be effective on synthetic carpet as well, like hard to clean loop pile acrylics most found in home units. Previously theses have required rotary scrubbing prior to extraction. SURGE, when pre-sprayed onto these carpets, reduces the need to rotary scrub.

To comply with Australian Standards, it is recommended that Acid Rinse be added for wool fibre. (See Fibre Safe).


Spotting: 1 to 5 dilution
Spotting carpets with SURGE usually is undertaken after the carpet is extraction cleaned, as most stains are removed by this first. The exception to this should be if the stains are tar like or hardened grease or paint. These should be spotted with GREASE RELEASE when the carpet is dry.

SURGE will remove just about every stain of a protein or oil nature as well as some ink; do not expect SURGE to remove old wine, tannin or soft drink stains, although some may be lightened.

At approximately 50 cents per litre, it is a very economical spotter indeed; so it can be used freely.

Caution: Always extract or rinse after using SURGE spotting solution to remove the stain and chemical residues.

Prespraying: 1 to 10 up to 1 to 15 dilution
Pre-spraying of traffic or heavily soiled “lanes” should be standard practice if the best performance is to be achieved with the lowest level of moisture and the least time spent on the job.

By spraying traffic lanes or tracked-in food or dirt, the chemical action of SURGE has a change to get to work. The results in restaurants, hotels and filthy, hard to clean carpet will amaze you.

Extraction Machinery
SURGE can be used with all types of extraction equipment using either diaphragm, centrifugal or piston pumps. Unlike powder cleaners, it mixes freely and does not cause “powder clog” in pump housing or diaphragm jets and does not precipitate in chemical storage tanks or truck mount carpet cleaning equipment.

Water Temperature
SURGE is one of the few chemicals that clean effectively in cold water; for the best performance hot water should be used: Wool carpet 70 - 74 degrees C, synthetics 80 - 85 degrees C is recommended.

Dilution Rates

Heavy soil Dilute 1 part SURGE to 100 parts water in the solution tank (200mls to 20 litres or approximately 1 cup)
Medium soil Dilute 1 part SURGE to 175 parts water (120mls to 20 litres or approximately 2/3 cup)

Light Soil

Dilute 1 parts SURGE to 300 parts water (50 mls to 20 litres or approximately 1/4 cup)

Truckmount Machinery

We have found that a stock solution of 1 part SURGE to 4 parts water gives the easiest metering control (5 litres SURGE plus 20 litres water in an empty 25 litre drum).