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Advanced performance, fast drying, WoolSafe Approved neutral pH  Carpet & upholstery prespray.

It works with new U.H.T. truckmounts to give improved results at high temperature and normal 60-80°c. Improved drying, low foaming. Meets all requirements of ANZS3733.

Available in 1L, 5L, 15L, and 200L.


SPITFIRE Lavender has been the recognized performance leader in the professional carpet cleaner market over the last eight years. With the introduction of SPITFIRE Advanced, it is our commitment to provide the industry with the very latest technology that is safer and performs better.

New formula SPITFIRE Advanced.

New SPITFIRE Advanced is totally different. Its U.H.T formulation has been developed for the new low profile carpets that create loss of airflow and reduces extraction performance to slow drying time. SPITFIRE Advanced uses new technology ingredients that improve rinsing and increase drying speed – with less foam. Carpets stay cleaner longer because freer rinsing means less sticky residue and less dirt in the carpet.

Amazing performance on Olefin and Stain Treated Nylon.

Some of these new generation fibres have a propensity for traffic lane yellowing that is extremely difficult to remove without resorting to high alkaline products. Alkaline products are dangerous to space dyed yarns, to stain treated fibres and especially wool. SPITFIRE Advanced safely removes traffic lane soil yellowing without the alkalinity that could damage protective finishes, reduce fibre/dye fastness and burn wool fibres. The pH of SPITFIRE Advanced dries neutral.

SPITFIRE Advanced gives exceptionally good cleaning performance on wool and wool blend carpets and fabrics.

Hot water activated – U.H.T performance

Certain carpet cleaning presprays actually work less effectively when really hot water extraction is used from 65°C to 90°C. SPITFIRE Advanced is fine tuned to work effectively in warm to extremely hot water. If you have a really hot water truckmount machine you'll see the improved results immediately.

Woolsafe Approved

The Woolsafe Organisation has developed a testing programme to ensure that certified carpet cleaning products minimise potential damage to wool and wool blend carpets and upholsteryPage 5 of 62 Fibres. This programme specifies that approved products are tested regularly to ensure compliance. We believe it will be the new world standard due to its strict quality management and safety to fibres. The WoolSafe organisation is now established in Australia and run by N.U.C.CA. A training and certification programme for professional carpet cleaners will combine with the cleaning product certification to give the best and safest cleaning result on wool fibres.

Meets Australian & New Zealand Standard 3733.

All facets of this brilliant product meet the AUSTRALIAN & NEW ZEALAND standards. SPITFIRE Advanced meets the pH specifications, does not contain high alkalinity, enzymes, oxidising agents, cationic surfactants or "quats" and contains no bleaching, blueing agents or artificial brighteners.

You asked for the ultimate product, we have given it to You.

Advances summarised

  • Gives carpet cleaners unique marketing benefits.
  • Woolsafe Approved. Helps ensure your total safety. Adds Risk Management to your liability insurance.
  • Helps carpet dry faster due to lower foam and advanced formulation - It creates more airflow which means more water extracted.
  • Free rinsing non sticky formula - carpets stay cleaner longer.
  • Amazing cleaning results on greasy restaurant carpets, wool carpets and olefin fibres.
  • Non-irritant spicy aroma - removes "wet dog" smells.
  • Self neutralising formula to meet all AS NZS 3733 specifications - no need for acid rinses because carpet dries neutral in pH.
  • Brilliant stain removal even on tough acid-side stains, protein stains and greasy food sauce stains.


How to get the best performance from NEW SPITFIRE Advanced

  1. Prespray using hot water in your pressure sprayer. This helps speed activation and penetration of hardened, matted pub carpet and especially greasy restaurant carpet.
  2. Increase water temperature by heating water prior to adding to portable, if truckmount, turn up temperature, SPITFIRE Advanced is brilliant when used correctly - no other dries to neutral, no other product we've found can match it on performance.

Carpet Cleaning Dilutions

Medium Soilage:
Dilute Spitfire Advanced 1 to 30 (100 mI to 3Ltrs)

Heavy Soilage:
Dilute Spitfire Advanced 1 to 20 (200ml to 3Ltrs)


For extra heavy soilage don't make stronger prespray concentration, just spray more volume of prespray.

Addition to tank:

SPITFIRE Advanced is not designed to be added into the tank of any extraction machinery. If you wish to clean this way, you will not comply with the AUSTRALIAN STANDARD. Use Research Products SURGE if you wish to clean the old way. SURGE is designed for both prespraying and additing to solution tank.


We recommend using and re-selling Unbelievable Carpet Spotter to your customers. Special protective additives keep the freshly spotted carpet cleaner and stains will not come back when used correctly. pH neutral for safety. Your customers can't get into trouble with this product. It is also WoolSafe approved.


SPITFIRE Advanced is perfectly suitable for upholstery cleaning and is used as a prespray. Wipe with white towel all heavy soilage areas on head rest and arms, then extraction rinse with hot water. Since there are no standards for upholstery, fabric test in an inconspicuous area first. Dilutions: Usually in the vicinity of 1 to 15 to 1 to 25 parts water