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Airlift Jellybean Odour Lifter - Deodoriser started it all and is our most effective deodorant that has proven to clean and deodorise effectively in the most heavily used public facilities or badly ventilated toilets.

Used on a daily basis for mopping, wiping and sponging will give you over 24 hours odour control. Dilution of up to 1 - 80 water gives incredible economy.
Available in 5L and 15L.

Time release odour lifter and fungicide. The Breakthrough Concept.


The environmental requirements for disinfectants in day to day cleaning and maintenance has finished.

Worldwide findings by public hospitals bacteriologists and public health authorities and health inspectors is that good cleaning practice reduces bacteria counts to a more than acceptable level in domestic and public toilet facilities.

Only in hospital operating theatres, infectious disease wards, burns units etc, are hospital grade disinfectants required for cross infection control and surface disinfection.

In general washroom, shower block and toilet maintenance household and commercial grade disinfectants are being used only for their odour and reodourant qualities with low priority to surface cleaning - in fact most disinfectants don’t clean at all.

With the cost emphasis on disinfection your money goes towards low cleaning power and low reodourant levels.

Our concept

The RESEARCH PRODUCTS approach has been to develop a superb range of products which place greater emphasis on cleaning performance- plus have increased and unique odour fighting and odour lifting properties. Our concept has been tested over six years and has proven to outperform most disinfectants because you get cleaner appearing, fresher smelling surfaces for your money. Isn’t that what you are looking for?

Fungicidal, algaecidal, antibacterial

Whilst most of the AIRLIFT products include a dual antibacterial system, it has been specifically developed to control the problems found in washroom maintenance mould, fungus, soap and body fat proteins as well as urine decomposition which are controlled by continued use of our AIRLIFT products.

Because washrooms are a potential source of tines and athletes foot, all AIRLIFT products have been developed and proven to eradicate this problem. The danger areas have been covered probably more carefully than most disinfectants.

AIRLIFT product range

All AIRLIFT products help remove the need for the scourge of the worlds waterways and rivers - polluting and sea life destructive PARADICHLOROBENZENE TOILET Blockettes. When used regularly as both a cleaner and spray able deodorant AIRLIFT removes the need for unsightly wall mounted automatic deodoriser and destroy odours as you clean.

The residuality of AIRLIFT can be measured in days.