Window Squeegees and Handles

We know windows! We've got more squeegees than you could, well.. poke a squeegee at!

A window squeegee is comprised of 3 parts.

1. The handle
2. The channel
3. The rubber

All these pieces must be purchased to put together a complete squeegee.

When choosing a squeegee it's important to consider the size of the windows you'll be cleaning. People often think that the bigger the squeegee, the faster they can clean. It's not always the case. You must remember that you can always clean a big window with a little squeegee, but you cannot clean a little window with a big squeegee.

Many squeegee handles now offer "quick release" functions which allow you to quickly change the channel you're working with. This helps with the problem of choosing the correct squeegee size, because you can keep multiple channels on hand, and select the one most suitable to the windows you're about clean.

Moerman Liquidator 3.0 Squeegee Channel with NXT-R Rubber

Moerman Liquidator 3.0 patented angled edge channel with NXT-R Rubber. If  you want to get rid of those annoying waterdrops that get left behind in the corners, Moerman Liquidator 3.0 is the solution.


Wagtail Power Pivot

Wagtail Power Pivot is the squeegee with power steering, having the pivot integrated into the collet on the handle and positioned above the channel.

Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee with Clip-on Absorbent Pad

Wagtail Hygienie Squeegee has been developed in response to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. This plastic squeegee effectively washes, wipes, cleans and leaves any flat surface dry and virus free.

Pulex Stutzy Universal Swivel Handle-Quick Release

Quick release Stutzy Swivel Handle. It is a universal fit, suits all channels excluding Alumax. Its rubber can be changed without removing channel.Swivel handle helps reach awkward angles with ease.
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Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Range

Master Brass Squeegee Range. The top end of our professional line. Built to the precision tolerances you get with tempered solid brass. Perfect balance & weight.


Ettore Master Stainless Steel Squeegee Range

Master Stainless Steel Range. Stainless handles are lightweight with "long lasting good looks". Perfect balance and weight. Original design with clips.


Ettore Super System Range

Super System Handles. With quick release button and a swivel head you get great flexibility. Automatically adjusts to the angle you need, allows you to squeegee across or down. Makes easy work of obstacles, speeding your window cleaning 30% to 50%.

Ettore Squeegee Handle Pro+ Super System

Ettore Squeegee Handle Pro quick-release handle with ergonomic design and no-slip grip. This handle is our shops favourite item of window cleaning equipment.


Ettore Contour Pro + Handle

Ready for the best squeegee handle money can buy? The new Ettore Contour Pro Plus squeegee handle has it all. It features an ergonomic design for less fatigue, and a concealed Quick release lever so it can't get knocked open.


Glidex Channel and Rubber

Glidex Alloy Channel complete with Rubber and End Clips provides the high quality rubber-based compound is the result of years of rigorous testing to establish  exactly the right balance between durability and ease of use while maintaining a perfect streak-free edge.


Wagtail PC (Pivot Control) Squeegee

Pivot Controlled Squeegee with Limiters (locks) to adjust the pivot range. Ideal for first time Wagtail users.


Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Squeegee

Wagtail Orbital Aluminium Squeegee is faster than conventional squeegees and ergonomic. Great for speedy precision pole work. This squeegee is the professional window cleaner's choice.


Wagtail Slimline Squeegee

Wagtail Pivoting handled Aluminium Slimline Squeegee with a slim channel. Limiters (locks) sold separately. Lightweight and ergonomic requiring light touch.


Wagtail Aluminium Slimline Channels

Wagtail Premium Aluminium Channels for Slimline and Pivot Control Squeegees.  Channel slides onto handle and is secured by a stainless steel phillips head screw.


Unger ErgoTec Handle

Unger ErgoTec Handle Comfortable: Optimal handling, less injuries. Quick: Simple replacement of rubber and channel. Safe: No twisting or dropping (safety cone)


Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc Handle

Unger ErgoTec SwivelLoc handle is a problem solver for hard-to-reach places. Swivel squeegee head, freely adjustable and lockable.

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Handle has an ergonomic swivel handle that offers perfect balance and comfort which means less strain on hand and wrist. Perfectly fits human hand, and works with Unger channels from 35cm to 92cm wide to reduce the time required for cleaning large surfaces, to achieve more in less time.

UNEN000 (JR01-209)
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Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Channels and Rubber

Unger ErgoTec Ninja Squeegee Channel utilises the TriLoc channel locking mechanism which allows for fast and secure channel change and repositioning.


Unger Stainless Steel Channel and Rubber "S" Type

Unger Stainless Steel Channels and Rubber are stronger yet lighter than brass and rust-free.  It is designed or use with ErgoTec and Pro Stainless handles.


Unger Brass Golden Clip Channel & Rubber with Clips

Unger Golden Clip Channel for use with Golden Clip and Golden Pro Squeegee handles. Complete with ErgoTec Soft Rubber and plastic end clips.


Pulex Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete

The PULEX stainless steel window squeegee is highly appreciated by professional window cleaners.


Pulex Stainless Steel Handle & Channels

Pulex Excellent quality stainless steel channel and replacement rubber that gives additional life to your stainless steel complete squeegee (SABC-T00).


Pulex Complete Brass Squeegee

The PULEX Brass squeegee, a modern version of the original Chicago squeegee, is the classic tools used by traditional window cleaners. The rubber blade is secured in the channel by a clip that adjusts the tension.


Pulex Brass Handle & Channels

Brass Channel and Rubbers are designed as replacement for Sabco Brass Squeegee. Available sizes are from 6" to 22".


Pulex Plastic Squeegee Handle & Aluminium Channels

Pulex Plastic Squeegee Handle features professional locking system of the channel. It is easy to use and cost effective squeegee handle. Easy channel change with a wing nut type mechanism.

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips

Ettore & Pulex Brass Squeegee Clips are used to secure the rubber at both ends so avoiding stretching and slipping.

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Super Channel Handle

New and improved swivel handle with ergonomic design. Squeegee swivels 180°. No-smate comfort.

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Ettore Aluminium Super Channel and Rubber

The Hound Dog Contour Pro+ Squeegee Handles are designed for maximum movability across windows. These high performance squeegees will leave your windows streak free every time.

Ettore Super System Handle has the ability to swivel left to right, and also contour up and down. With quick release button and a swivel head you get great flexibility. Automatically adjusts to the angle you need, allows you to squeegee across or down. Makes easy work of obstacles, speeding your window cleaning 30% to 50%.

Glidex Stainless Steel Squeegee Clip

Glidex Stainless Steel Squeegee Clip to fit Glidex squeegee channel, used to hold rubber in position.
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ErgoTec XL Handle

ErgoTec XL Handle provides quick and simple replacement of rubber and S-channel. Safe to use due to its no twisting or dropping (safety cone).

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Pro Handle with Rubber Grip

• Comfortable: Ergonomically designed handle.
• Simple: Clip lock, quick channel change.
• Convenient: Fits on telescopic pole
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Moerman Bi-Component Premium Squeegee Handle

Moerman Premium Squeegee Handle is made from Anti-slip material. This Soft-touch window squeegee handle is Ergonomic. Light to carry with Smooth surface, Secure grip even when wet.

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Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle

Moerman Excelerator 2.0 Handle is easy to use stable and sculpted to fit comfortably in your hand. This is award-winning at the London Cleaning Show 2019 with the redesigned gripping jaw allowing for deeper reach when closing out a window.


Moerman Stainless Steel Handle and Channels

Moerman Stainless Steel Handle, ergonomic handle, with premium brushed stainless steel head which prevents it from rusting. It has a unique release spring for a quick rubber or channel replacement.

SABCO Shower & Glass Squeegee

Sabco Shower & Glass Squeegee is a little compact design with premium rubber for a great sparkling finish. This soft grip window squeegee gives your home, or office windows and glass streak free shine.
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Sabco Technolite Window Squeegee Complete

Clean your windows streak free with this Sabco Technolite Window Squeegee Complete. It protects your windows for it cleans them without leaving any scratches, fingerprints and dirt.

Pulex Technolite Window Squeegee Handle

Pulex Technolite well-designed window squeegee handle ensures that ensures a firm, safe grip for improved over-all performance. Quick release.Triple lock system guarantees secure locking and position of channel.
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Sabco 3-in-1 Spray Window Washer Squeegee

This new Sabco 3-in-1 Spray Squeegee allows you to clean your windows with one hand. You can simply spray, wash, and squeegee dry for professional results.

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Sabco Stainless Steel Power Dry Squeegee

Sabco Stainless Steel Power dry squeegee with professional rubber blades. It has stainless steel body – rust resistant for long life. Ergonomic non-slip handle. Available in 25.5cm, 35.5cm, and 45.5cm.

Mr Clean Workplus Power Dry Squeegee

Commercial grade and with professional rubber blades. Available in 255mm and 355mm blades. You can clean your windows with this streak free and scratch free Aluminium and rubber squeegee from Mr Clean.

Sorbo Eliminator Store Front

The Sörbo 3x4 Adjustable Eliminator with 40 degree safety end plugs is the most efficient squeegee in the Sörbo arsenal.


Sorbo Multi Squeegee

The Sorbo multi squeegee are designed for cleaning French windows easily and quickly.

Economy Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete

Available in 14"/35cm and 18"/45cm.

Wagtail Precision Glide Pivot Control Squeegee

Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee features a pivot control squeegee with hydration/glide pad and precision detailing end clips (for cutting into deep ledges, ensuring pixel perfect results edge to edge).


Pulex Ultralite Aluminium Channel

It is a lightweight multi-purpose squeegee made entirely of aluminium. Aluminium squeegees are a must for window cleaners demanding ultra-light tools. Available from 8" (20cm) to 22" (55cm).

Unger Ergotec Stainless Steel Channels

Unger's Stainless Steel Clipless Channels are designed with a notched system that - when used with a quick release handle - securely hold squeegee rubber and channel preventing slipping side to side, wobbling, or bending. These channels can fit all Unger handles. Clips must be used on the stainless steel channels when not using a Quick Release handle. Channel includes an Unger soft rubber blade.
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Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Squeegee Channel with Dura Flex Soft Rubber

Moerman LIQUIDATOR 2.0 Squeegee Channel complete with DURA-FLEX™ soft rubber is an innovative lightweight aluminium squeegee channel with built in 'dog ear' that minimizes edge detailing for easy and precise handling.

Ettore Stainless Steel Handle

Stainless handle is lightweight with long lasting good looks. Perfect balance and weight. Origional design with clips.
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Brass Handle

Solid traditional handles with screw lock.

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Handle Pro Grip Stainless Steel Quick Release

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Ettore Ledge Eze Brass Handle

Complete with a foam grip and nylon handle, this quick-release is curved to reach over deep ledges and window frames.
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Moerman Liquidator Swivel Pro Squeegee Handle

Moerman Liquidator Swivel Pro Squeegee Handle is an ergonomic handle with pivoting head that allows the blade angle to be adjusted to work with odd-shaped windows.

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Sorbo Tricket with Squeegee

Sorbo Tricket with Squeegee is the most efficient way to clean louvered windows, vertical blinds, glass shelves and wooden shutters. It comes with squeegee rubbers.

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Moerman Combinator 2.0 Window Cleaning Tool

Moerman Combinator 2.0 Window Cleaning Tool is a new improved, unique, innovative all-in-one squeegee and washer tool that is ergonomic, lightweight and versatile which can be configured in multiple ways. It is ideal for pole work, residential and store fronts.

Eureka Quad Pro Swivel Handle

Eureka Quad Pro Swivel Handle is made of tough ABS plastic, duel spring clamp, ergonomic rubber grip, 90” swivel, fits most poles and holds other aluminium, brass & stainless steel channels.
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Eureka Quad Pro Aluminium Channel and Rubber

Quad Pro’s strong aluminium channel that won’t bend or warp, accepts both 2 & 4 sided rubbers and contains a built-in rubber locking system. The channels have centre indicators for the quick release swivel handle


Eureka Brass Squeegee Complete with Handle

High Quality, Strong and Durable Brass Squeegee with professional rubbers, great tool for window cleaners.

Eureka Quick Release Brass Handle

Eureka Quick Release Brass Handle with rubber grip and quick release mechanism features a tension locking plate which allows channels to be centered or offset for extended reach. It has a quick release lock for speedy channel change.
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Eureka Solid Brass Squeegee Handle

Eureka Solid Brass Squeegee Handle durable, high quality features a rustproof solid brass handle which has a screw lock for use with the brass channel.
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Eureka Stainless Steel Squeegee Complete with Handle

Eureka Stainless Steel Squeegee has a comfortable quick release handle. The handle locks channels and rubber into place (via channel notches).