Moerman Liquidator 2.0 Squeegee Channel with Dura Flex Soft Rubber

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Moerman LIQUIDATOR 2.0 Squeegee Channel complete with DURA-FLEX™ soft rubber is an innovative lightweight aluminium squeegee channel with built in 'dog ear' that minimizes edge detailing for easy and precise handling.

- Stronger end clips
- Industrial grade plastic
- More friction resistant
- Permanent fixed end clips
- Replacement clips available
This unique Liquidator 2.0 Channel lets you to wipe the window without detailing. 

It significantly reduces cloth prepping and detailing. It is easy to adjust channel & replace rubber. Available in 5 sizes - 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 45cm and 55cm.

Add F*Liq Sleeve on the Liquidator 2.0 Channel with the Excelerator to make an ultimate squeegee (see related products below).

- Reduced cloth prepping and detailing
- Up to 25 % time saving


- Amazing results with less effort
- No water residues in corners & edges
- No need to reach out with a cloth
- Plastic tips are gentle for the frame

- Lightweight for easy and precise handling
- Floats like air over the glass

How to Use Liquidator 2.0 Channel in an Optimal Way:
1. Place your original LIQUIDATOR rubber in the middle of the channel
2. Use enough detergent, preferably directly on the sleeve
3. Put minimum pressure and it floats like air
4. Get a feel for the right angle of attack
5. No detailing of the window

Take it to the next level by using Liquidator Channel with Moerman Excelerator Handle, Combinator Handle, and Premium Snapper Handle (See related products).

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