Moerman Combinator 2.0 Window Cleaning Tool

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Moerman Combinator 2.0 Window Cleaning Tool is a new improved, unique, innovative all-in-one squeegee and washer tool that is ergonomic, lightweight and versatile which can be configured in multiple ways. It is ideal for pole work, residential and store fronts.

- Reducing cloth prepping
- Don’t loose time changing tools

- Amazing results with less effort-
- No water residues in corners & edges

- No need to reach out with a cloth
- Reliable locking and click-on parts

- Lightweight for easy handling
- Light pressure channel

With Moerman Combinator 2.0, it allows you to simply do a quick push and release to change between, washing and wiping the window.  In addition to that, with the same system, you can build a one-pass for the not-so-dirty-windows. In one streak you can  wash and wipe, just adjust to the situation and work more efficient.

- A more sturdy washer- Easy push ‘n’ release button- Flexible connection to the grip, always make the right contact angle with the window - An ergonomic blind button whenever the washer isn’t used- Removing the channel, even when the washer is still on its place

The Combinator 2.0  (complete)is made up of 4 Parts:
1. Combinator 2.0 Squeegee Handle and thumb rest insert
2. Combinator 2.0 T-bar
3. Combinator Premium Microfibre Sleeve
4. Liquidator 2.0 Channel

What are the different configurations:1. One-Pass for the not-so-dirty windows.2. The traditional Wash-Flip-Squeegee Configuration3. Use as a Squeegee only.Combinator 2.0 Squeegee Handle - the hole in the middle is to accommodate the T-bar components. The T-bar components can be purchased separately which can reduce your investment in tools as one squeegee handle can be fitted with a variety of T-Bar/Sleeve sizes.

This squeegee handle can surely be used daily by inserting the soft rubber ring (included) into the handle and attaching your Liquidator Channel.

Combinator 2.0 T-Bar - used to convert to a combination tool. Simply insert the unique T-Bar (available in 3 sizes: 25cm 10", 35cm 14" and 45cm 18") and turn the lock button a couple of clicks to make it fully functional.

You can use the Combinator in the One-Pass configuration or in the traditional Wash-Flip-Squeegee configuration. You can also use it as a handheld tool or on your extension handle.

Combinator 2.0 Premium Microfibre Sleeve - specially designed to be much lighter than other combination tools. Its shape allows the Liquidator to reach the edges of the glass with perfect results. It reduces the overall weight of the tool while still delivering the perfect amount of cleaning solution and aggressive scrubbing power.


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