Window Cleaning Equipment

Cleaners Supermarket has one of the largest window cleaning equipment ranges in Australia!

Whether you're looking for something for around the home or you're a window cleaning professional, we've got the gear you need to get the job done right...

Window Cleaning 101

Are you a little confused about what window cleaning equipment you need to get started? Here is a crash course on the most common tools and there uses!

There are 5 common window cleaning tools:
1. Washer
2. Squeegee
3. Bucket
4. Scraper
5. Extension Pole

1. Washer
Your washer is the tool you use to apply your chemical to the window. They come in all different makes and sizes, and the sleeves and t-bars can be bought separately if you so wish. Some sleeves have abrasive pads, some are microfibre, and some are general cotton.


2. Squeegee
Your squeegee is the tool you use to dry your window, and get that streak free, crystal finish. The rubber is the most important part of your squeegee. You want to keep your squeegee blade sharp and free of any nicks or cracks. Handles can be bought separate from the channel and rubber and you want to make sure you have a swivel handle if you expect to be working at heights.


3. Bucket
It might sound a little obvious, but you need a bucket for your window cleaning solution! You also need to make sure you've bought a bucket that is long enough for your washer. If you have a 45cm washer, but only a 35cm long bucket, it's not going to fit!


4. Scraper
Your scraper is used to remove any impurities that are caked on the window such as mud or bird droppings. The scraper has a very sharp razor blade that is run along the window and mows through that which needs to be removed.

As the razor is flat against the window, you will not scratch the glass. Using a window scraper is essential to achieving professional looking results, as any raised impurities on the glass will nick your squeegee rubber and create streaks.


5. Extension Pole
If you're going to be working at heights, an extension pole is a must have tool. It's usually recommended you purchase a pole a little longer than you expect you'll need, because in extending them to maximum length you will loose some of your strength and rigidity. All squeegee handles and window washers are designed to be attached to an extension pole.

Water Fed Window Cleaning

Did you know water fed and pure water systems are changing the way we clean windows?

Check out our water fed window cleaning range so you don't get left behind!

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Cordless & Rechargeable Window Vacuum. Vacuums up water from surfaces such as windows, mirrors & tiles without dripping dirty water and leaving streaks. 

Spray trigger (for cleaning solution) integrated into the wiper. 110ml Waste Water & Cleaning Solution Tank Capacity. Up to 20 mins operating time. Approx. 4 hours battery charge time. 12W Rated Power of Window Cleaner. Light weight 0.9kg. Power Lithium Battery. Battery Voltage 3.6V. 280mm Working Width of suction head. It comes with 60ml concentrated cleaning solution bottle.
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For use with your standard extension poles to reach high interior windows. The Unger SpeedClean Kit gives you Drip-Free Window Cleaning.

OATES Window Cleaning Kit

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Window cleaning kit from Oates includes durable window washer that removes stubborn grime. It also has rubber blade squeegees surface dry.  Microfibre cloth for a superior streak-free finish. Dimensions: W240 x D40 x H480mm
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Duo Window Cleaning Set with Extension Handle combines a window washer with a squeegee.

The squeegee can be used together on the 1.8 metre extendable handle or removed and used separately by hand.

The power microfibre washer removes dirt and grime quickly and easily. Simply use with warm water and a splash of dishwashing detergent. The soft rubber squeegee blade provides a professional, streak-free finish.

This window cleaning set includes: 1 x window cleaning pad & 2 x squeegee blades.

Decor Speed Duo Window Cleaning Replacement Pack

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The Decor Speed Duo Window Cleaner Replacement Pad Pack includes one window cleaning pad and two squeegee blades.
The power microfibre window cleaning pad cleans and easily removes dirt and grime quickly, whilst the soft rubber squeegee blade provides a professional, streak-free finish.
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Pure Water Kit for Indoor Window Cleaning is the easiest, quickest mess-free way to clean windows indoors. You have all the accessories you need.

You just add an Unger DI Resin Filter. No need for squeegees, washers or special skills.

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Window Cleaning Kit that is economical, easiest, quickest mess-free way to clean windows indoors.

Window Cleaning Kit includes:
• 12 litre window cleaning bucket
• Lid for bucket
• 35cm T-Bar Washer
• 35cm microfibre washer
• 35cm squeegee complete
• Short handle scraper
• Washer/Squeegee holding hooks.