Wagtail Precision Glide Pivot Control Squeegee

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Wagtail Precision Glide Squeegee features a pivot control squeegee with hydration/glide pad and precision detailing end clips (for cutting into deep ledges, ensuring pixel perfect results edge to edge).

> Unique hydrating glide strip bar to enhance lubrication when squeegeeing to ensure a streak-free finish.
>  the Pivot Control handle gives the user full control over pivot movement.
> Precision detailing end clips.

To use, wash and wipe in a single swipe. Glide seamlessly across any window, even when the sun is in full force, the glide bar adds a level of lubrication while squeegeeing to reduce drag and enhance productivity and streak free results. If you are living in hot climates, this might be the answer to what you have been looking for.

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