Ettore Aluminium Super Channel and Rubber

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The Hound Dog Contour Pro+ Squeegee Handles are designed for maximum movability across windows. These high performance squeegees will leave your windows streak free every time.

Ettore Super System Handle has the ability to swivel left to right, and also contour up and down. With quick release button and a swivel head you get great flexibility. Automatically adjusts to the angle you need, allows you to squeegee across or down. Makes easy work of obstacles, speeding your window cleaning 30% to 50%.

Ettore Super System Channels. For squeegeeing large sheets of glass with ease. These squeegees allow flexible base distance & are perfect for poling. Uses normal Ettore rubbers. Available in sizes 45cm (18"), 60cm (24") & 75cm (30") and 90cm (36"). Extra Heavy Duty Aluminium.