Ettore Contour Pro + Handle
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Ettore Contour Pro + Handle

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Ready for the best squeegee handle money can buy? The new Ettore Contour Pro Plus squeegee handle has it all. It features an ergonomic design for less fatigue, and a concealed Quick release lever so it can't get knocked open.

The new spring-loaded variable-angle head swivels left and right like the the Super System, but also goes all the way from standard 40 degree down angle back to zero degrees. It also has adjustable spring tension, perfect for pole work which allows you to finish all the way to the bottom. It's great for deep frames.

It can be locked flat in zero degree position which is handy for overhead pole work inside atriums, you can even fan with a pole!

Stainless steel screws & fittings, inset rubber grip for comfort. Amazing quality and attention to detail, Ettore's finest. Works with all standard channels.