Lindhaus Quality Cleaning Equipment

Lindhaus provides a wide range of professional vacuum cleaners & floor scrubber driers specifically engineered to clean anything from small to very large areas including hotels, schools, Universities, hospitals, restaurants, offices, shops,car dealers, banks and any other public place with high traffic areas that require the toughest cleaning equipment.

Lindhaus Ergo 380 Dynamic Dual Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

+ Bonus Pk Bags

Lindhaus Ergo 380 Dynamic Upright Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, twin motor offers maximum productivity and excellent maneuverability, ideal for commercial environments. It is the world's lightest dual motor upright vacuum cleaner designed for high use vacuuming with the handle weight as low as 860g.

Lindhaus Cannister Vacuum HF6 Pro

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Lindhaus HF6 Pro is compact, lightweight with large capacity tub vac and has a high efficiency 750W Rotafil motor. Its professional accessories on board will take care of all your vacuuming needs.

Healthcare Pro Eco Force Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Fantastic multifunction vacuum that is amazingly powerful and nimble. A True genius. A sweeper for hard floors and carpet cleaner integrated with dry cleaning system. With a range of optional extras like a felt plates for delicate marble or timber flooring and optional blowing function. What more can you need.

Lindhaus LB3 Digital 36V Lithium Ion Pro Upright Vaccum

Accessories to be Advised
Lindhaus are genius's. They have recently released their Battery Upright Vacuum. After designing the brush less machine, they simply waited until the time was right to match it with new 36V L-ION Technology. Ideal for all Environments. Multifunction Broom and Carpet Cleaner. Maneuverability with a capital Eaasssyyy.

Super Leggera LB4 Backpack Vacuum

3 Models Available
Introducing the super light Digital backpack 3 Speed digital  vacuum cleaner for floors and walls. The low weight of only 3.8kg places this machine lighter than the same as a standard electric unit. But wait, theres more. It has unequaled filtration of 6 levels.  LB4 Supperlegerra Lithium Ion battery backpack is 4.8kg or the electric model are super comfy also.

LS38 Roller Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner Electric or Battery

Bonus Pk Bag and Filters
Lindhaus have done it again. The world wide patented roller brush system in the LS38 will make no other multifunction machine come  to the level of performance, which will see you in and out of a job much faster and much more efficient than you would ever imagine. A Sweeper that will easily sweep up a pen and a vacuum unit that gives unparalleled performance with dual roller action. It will tell you when the bag is full.

Lindhaus LS50 Wide Area Upright Vacuum Cleaner 16L-240 Volt

+ Free Pack Bags

Lindhaus LS50 Hybrid or Electric Only Wide Area Upright Vacuum Cleaner is fast, efficient, and low profile which is ideal for all your soft floors without the danger or restrictions from electrical cords. Easily vacuums under tables and benches.

Lindhaus Eco Force Compact Floor Scrubber Dryer

240V or Battery

Lindhaus LW30 is a 30cm wide scrubber dryer, perfectly suited for those rough tiles that are impossible to mop. The LW38 is 38cm wide which allows to cover the area 30% faster. A compact unit that is easy to store, advanced, innovative, multifunction floor scrubber drier.  It runs smooth and easy on its 4 rubber wheels.Available in battery or electric models

Lindhaus 46cm Wide Upright Cylindrical Floor Scrubber

Free Heavy Duty Brushes

The LW46 wide area floor cleaning scrubber/dryer available in battery or electric.The battery hybrid can run for an hour and a half in the battery mode and can be plugged in at any time for simultaneous operating and charging.