Lindhaus Eco Force Compact Floor Scrubber Dryer

240V or Battery
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Lindhaus LW30 is a 30cm wide scrubber dryer, perfectly suited for those rough tiles that are impossible to mop. The LW38 is 38cm wide which allows to cover the area 30% faster. A compact unit that is easy to store, advanced, innovative, multifunction floor scrubber drier.  It runs smooth and easy on its 4 rubber wheels.Available in battery or electric models


- The lightest ergonomic handle weight for the operator 1.3 kg
- Lightweight 10.2 kg
- The world lowest profile 14 cm gets under tables and chairs
- Change brush and squeegee to convert to carpet cleaner
- Injection and extraction in single pass
- Easy brush replacement
- Upholstery Kit available
- Minimum consumption of water and chemicals
- Long Cleaning Cycle
- Integrated tanks
- Cleans Carpets and Rugs
- Equipped with a front bumper provides total protection

The brush is kept uniformly wet by a set of injectors. There are several brush types available for different floor surfaces and cleaning needs. The suction is perfect in both directions thanks to the two squeegee nozzles working simultaneously.

Long Cleaning Cycle
The clean water/cleaning solution tank holds 2.6 liters allowing a full 9 minutes of cleaning time per tank. The 4 non marking rubber wheels and the brush pressure adjustment allow the machine to be used on polished or uneven floors.

Integrated Tanks
The clean and dirty solution tanks are integrated in one unique container. With a simple movement you release the tank, empty the dirty solution and refill it with ordinary tap water and fresh cleaning solution.

Detergent Doses
The tank cap is also a dispensing device for your cleaning solutions. The Compact Scrub 300 requires 10 times less water and cleaning solution than any manual or mechanical washing system available on the market today.

Easy Brush Replacement
The brush can be changed without any tools and takes only a few seconds. Just unhook the side support and remove the brush from underneath.

Upholstery Kit Available
With an ergonomically designed upholstery kit it is possible to deep clean fabrics such as car seats, sofas and chairs.

Cleaning Carpets and Rugs
When equipped with the optional carpet nozzle, soft bristle brush roller and the textile detergent it becomes an excellent (low pile, commercial grade) carpet cleaner.

Total Protection
The machine is equipped with a front bumper in soft rubber and 4 rubber side rolls. This prevents damage to furniture and allows you to clean close to the wall on both sides without marks.

Input power 1100 W
Water lift 2000 mm/H2O
Air volume 46 Lt /sec CFM
Brush motor 250 W
Brush roller constant speed 1800 rpm
Electronic overload control Standard
Cylindrical brush D 72mm / L 255mm
Suction width 280mm
Solution tank 2.6 L
Recovery tank 2,6 L
Working capacity 250 m2/H
Water dosing Pump
Working time per tank 9 min
Base height 140mm
Total weight 10.2 Kg
Handle weight 1,3 Kg
Cord length 10 m
Noise level 74 db (A)
Sealing protection IPX 4 IPX 4