LS38 Roller Sweeper Vacuum Cleaner Electric or Battery

Bonus Pk Bag and Filters
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Lindhaus have done it again. The world wide patented roller brush system in the LS38 will make no other multifunction machine come  to the level of performance, which will see you in and out of a job much faster and much more efficient than you would ever imagine. A Sweeper that will easily sweep up a pen and a vacuum unit that gives unparalleled performance with dual roller action. It will tell you when the bag is full.

It Sweeps, It Vacuums, It brushes the pile of hard floors or carpets. 38cm wide rollers. Not 1 but 2 of them. Very convenient to carry. Totally sealed dust and debris bag. It can even clean your carpets with low moisture encapsulation chemical pre-sprayed. This unit will take you to the next level of cleaning all types of floors.

The mini vacuum sweeper runs smoothly of 4 non scratch rubber wheels. the central wheel pivots to allow unbelievable maneuverability. The swivel joint where the handle attaches to the machine allows for a precise steering effect you have never seen before and at ease on rough or polished floors even with wide and 

deep joints.The LS38 provides the perfect combination of mechanical action and suction with sealed filtration



It is the ideal tool for low-pile carpets and rugs. Double mechanical action (twin force) and suction allow the deep cleaning of carpets equally as well as the best Lindhaus professional vacuums.

 A machine unique to the industry, entirely covered by an  international patent. LS38 combines the mechanical strength of  two high speed counter-rotating rollers “twin force”, which  rotate at 2000 RPM, providing suction over the entire sweeping width. Rotafil designed, for this machine, a new high-efficiency suction motor with an integrated drive system for the two brush-rollers. The patented drive system with Poli-V / cogged 

drive belts, allows the counter rotation of the brush-rollers to provide ultimate quietness and maximum reliability.The swivel joint provides a precise steering effect. Energy consumption is extremely low; only 400W for the electric version and 270W for the L-ion battery version. Currently the best “A” class vacuum cleaners have an energy consumption of 750W, while the best professional carpet-cleaners 900W. LS38 electric version is already “A” class and will be “A++” as of September 2017. The machine is very quiet and extremely maneuverable. It’s two counter rotating brush-rollers collect any debris up to 10mm (0.39in) size (even a pen - difficult to collect as it is thin and long). The suction is very strong over the entire sweeping width thanks to the high-efficiency Rotafil suction motor.


To obtain the maximum suction together with the maximum capacity to collect large size debris, we have patented an adjustable front flap to adapt the machine to any requirement. The collection filter bag has an opening as wide as the brushes themselves thereby providing less possibility of obstruction.


In seconds and with no tools, the DCS (Dry Cleaning System) converter (optional) can be installed to convert the LS38 to a very effective Low Moisture Carpet Cleaner thanks to the mechanical action of the two high speed counter-rotating brush rollers.


Maintenance could not be easier. No tools are required to replace the brush-rollers, to clean the brush area or to replace the filters. The brush-rollers are dynamically balanced and rotate at 2000 and 2200 RPM respectively for versions L-ion and Electric. The brush supports are metal with sealed ball bearings.


After years of specific dedicated tests Lindhaus developed lithium-ion batteries for professional use. the capacity is extremely high: 36V-6 allowing it to work continuously and effectively for 50 minutes on floors and about 40 minutes on low pile carpet. The replacement of the battery takes seconds with no tools, in this regard the user can easily extend runtime with a second (optional) battery. The total recharging time is very short: only 90 minutes. The batteries are for professional use and have a lifetime of approximately 800 charging cycles.


Ideal for multiple applications: hard floors/carpeted floors Patented mechanical sweeping system "Twin Force" and powerful suction 6-stage filtration system Only 100gr (3.53oz). Handle weight, quiet and easy-to-use Ergonomic handle and aluminum telescopic wand Only 14cm (5.5in) base-height for easy access under furniture Adjustable front flap to collect debris up to 10mm (0.39in) size Encapsulation/Dry Cleaning System (DCS) available (optional) Battery Version equipped with 36V - 6Ah Lithium Ion battery for long runtime


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