Lindhaus LS50 Hybrid Wide Area Upright Vacuum Cleaner 16L-240 Volt

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Lindhaus LS50 HepaMedic Hybrid Wide Area Upright Vacuum Cleaner is fast, efficient, and low profile which is ideal for all your soft floors without the danger or restrictions from electrical cords. Easily vacuums under tables and benches.

- Manoeuvrable and light, just guide it and it goes by itself!
 - Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
- Use with battery and cord for non stop working
- High efficiency motors for the longest running time
- Dust bag tank removable on the body frame
- Large dust bag capacity (16 lt.)
-  The world's lowest  base housing profile 230 mm (9 inches)
- Superior working capacity 1500 sqm/h (16,000 sqft/h)
-  Self adjusting suction nozzle, easily removable for cleaning
- Equipped with full set of tools on board
- Quick brush roller replacement without tools.
- Light weight and low noise level
- The body frame turns to fold the machine for transport in a vehicle

Dust bag capacity is 16 litres and cleaning capacity up to 1,500 square metres per hour. The dust bag tank is removable from the body frame. For the operator this means it can be powered either by electricity via the cable or by the onboard battery. This is an Italian made vacuum/carpet cleaner gives you everything you need in a wide area vacuum.

The LS50 Hybrid comes equipped with a full set of tools and the S Class Hepa filter is washable. Battery run time is one-and-a-half hours, with a recharging time of three hours. Weighing 55 kg this model is designed for easy transport, with the body frame turning to fold the machine.

Voltage 100-240 V
Battery charger on board 24VDC-10A
Total Power 540 Watt
Cable on board 15m
High efficiency vacuum motor Rotafil 360 Watt
Water lift 1250 mm/H2O
Air volume 35 Lt/sec
Water dosing Pump
Brush motor Rotafil 150 Watt
Brush roller (D) 80mm (L) 450mm
Brush speed 1200 RPM
Suction nozzle 450 mm
Filter Bag 16 Litres
Motor protection filter washable Standard
Hepa Filter H11 Standard
Working capacity 1500 sqm/h
Working time with battery fully charged 1h : 30 min
Recharge time 3 Hours
Base height 230mm
Noise level 76 db (A)
Total weight 55 kg
Sealing protection IPX