Lindhaus Ergo 380 Dynamic Dual Motor Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Lindhaus Ergo 380 Dynamic Upright Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, twin motor offers maximum productivity and excellent maneuverability, ideal for commercial environments. It is the world's lightest dual motor upright vacuum cleaner designed for high use vacuuming with the handle weight as low as 860g.


- Low centre of gravity provides stability when using the hose
- Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
- The world’s lightest (860g. on the handle)
- Extremely Stable
- Interchangeable roller covers for carpets and floors
- Telescopic handle for maximum comfort
- Ultra strong with metal brush supports with bearings
- Accessories integrated on board
- Replacement filter bag on board
- Integrated dry cleaning system
- High efficiency electric motors (Class A)

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Ideal for hotel rooms, corridors, ballroom, stores, restaurants, show rooms, conference rooms, cinemas etc...

No tools are required to replace the brush roller or to clean the base housing. Dont just vacuum the top of the carpet , get the deep down dirt and contaminants your carpet dererves, while all the time being gently on your body. yes , only 840g pressure, its so well balanced. Time to step up

38 cm cleaning path plus 5000 rpm brush for effective cleaning. Its filtration system includes a 3M filtrate microfilter to ensure that the exhausted air is clean.

It has an optional HEPA filter which is suitable for healthcare environments as it assures a filtration of particles of 0.3 microns or larger at an efficiency of 99.97% for extreme allergy concerns. It has low noise levels make it ideal for cleaning when patients, customers and personnel are present. Total hose and telescopic wand reach of up to 1.7 m allowing for above the floor cleaning. This vacuum can be hung up to save on storage space. This includes automatic brush cutout & extension hose & tools.

Accessories: extension hose 1-4 with handle, telescopic wand, crevice tool, upholstery tool, replacement bag are all positioned on the back of the machine.

Input power 930 w
Vacuum 2300 mm/H2O
Air flow 49 (lt/sec)/cfm
Motor protection system Thermal/amp.
Two ply paper bag 4.5 lt.
Carbon Microfilter (exhaust) standard
S-class hepa filter (return air) standard
Cogged drive belt standard standard
Overload electronic control standard
Convergent bristles brush 5000 rpm
Working capacity 630 sqm/h
Noise level 68.6 db (A)
Total weight 7.86 Kg
Handle weight 0.86 Kg
Cord length 10m
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