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Introducing the super light Digital backpack 3 Speed digital  vacuum cleaner for floors and walls. The low weight of only 3.8kg places this machine lighter than the same as a standard electric unit. But wait, theres more. It has unequaled filtration of 6 levels.  LB4 Supperlegerra Lithium Ion battery backpack is 4.8kg or the electric model are super comfy also.

Full bag light, motor over temp light and a battery level light, takes all the guess work out so you can power on through your day.  This machine has been designed in detail to achieve high performance, large bag capacity, highest level of filtration. Small Dimensions and low weight make this the lightest backpack in the world. Oh yes , did we mention it also blows ?

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Let us look at the strengths of this backpack vacuum. Ideal for difficult to reach areas like theaters, trains, airplane, boats, buses, stairs etc. A 6 stage filtration system. Superlight 3.8kg battery version and also an electric model. Ergonomic handle and aluminum wand. Lindhaus patented universal floor tool the M28R. Blower function (optional) Powerhead (optional). Power nozzle with and optional Dry Cleaning System or DCS.Padded back rest with fully adjustable padded straps will allow you to work hours per day without straining.

Rotafil digital motor
This new brushless digital motor is the result of a long development work at the same time with the development of the electronic

management. The result in terms of size, weight (only 450g), performance and noise is truly exceptional when compared with the

best brushless motors on the market today. We were able to reduce the consumption of about 50% for the same performance

compared to the excellent Rotafil brush motor mounted on the LB4 L-ion, this brought the machine, to work 60 min. in continuous service.

We have also developed the "turbo" function on each speed in order to have 1 min. of super suction if necessary.

 Filtration system

The filtration system is at 6 levels with final Hepa filter H11 to reach a net filtration efficiency of 99,96% at 0,3 micron.

We also supply in the package the microfilter grill, so the machine can be used even without Hepa filter.

 Standard accessories

Blower kit, 2 mt. flex hose with machine connector and handle with suction control, crevice tool , swivel round dust, upholstery tool,

aluminum telescopic wand, Lindhaus patented M28R universal floor tool. The pop corn nozzle P30 is optional.

When we first went to see the Lindhaus machines around 4 years ago, we we struck by the high quality and the background of how Lindhaus became involved in the vacuum cleaner market. The components and the exuberant passion Mr. Massaro who flew out from Italy to demonstrate, was in itself a testament to the engineering quality of the range. Back then, there were no battery backpacks. As battery development went through its infancy and many machines that are still good units came to the market, Lindhaus seen the direction of battery tech and waited until they could have enough faith in them before releasing a backpack.

So here we are with Lithium Ion 36V batteries and its quite amazing when you realize the specifications. The dedicated engineers of Lindhaus were developing their units, bingo we have a match made in Italy. 

Mumma Mia, they have not disappointed. This backpack has the ability to add a power head, which is really needed this day and age. Carpets are not carpets Saul. The synthetic fire retardant piles these days really cling onto junk. Just ask any new build cleaner, i am sure they will attest on the way home from the chiropractor.

Its becoming necessary for post construction to have these power heads not to mention the school, office, commercial space and general home cleaning. The benefits are immense. I would go as far to say, they are as important as the vacuum themselves. But that is another story...

We want quality, we want good suction, we want light, we want a vacuum that is not breaking and a machine that can handle the rigors of the working environment. People, i give you Lindhaus Backpack. Well you actually need to pay :) haha. Do it right the first time. Tap into the advantages that this quality unit made in Italy will bring to you and your employees.

The LB4 Electric machine can be equipped with the power nozzle Lindhaus PB12E, a flex hose and telescopic wand. Both the wand and hose are cleverly electrified to carry power to the high speed rotating brush roller. With the Dry Cleaner ability, we suggest only using ecological friendly chemicals. We can talk about that upon making contact with the machinery representative at Cleaners Supermarket on 1800552255 or 0437552255

Wait, there is more.

These units can easily transform into a multi use cannister vacuum cleaner. YES thats what i said. Simply remove the shoulder kit (4 screws) and screw 4 pivoting wheels ( optional) The machine will now rotate and follow the direction desired by the operator. A convenient handle is placed on the top of the machine to transport it or park vertically. We cant wait to get a you tube video going for you about this.

The suction is optimal at 360 degrees and the central bristles are self cleaning. For delicate flooring there is also a brush with natural felt (optional)


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