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Vacuum Cleaners

Models available range from Backpack, Dry Area Only, Wet and Dry Vacuums, Upright , Wide Areas or A big industrial machine for your workplace.

You're looking at a new vacuum cleaner and have the right one in mind ? No problems, we can offer you great value price and back that up with ongoing help in the event you require as service or simply a lead is broken or floor tool needs replacing. We stock nearly all vacuum cleaners on the market. Especially now with new battery technology, many cleaners are exploring the cordless models. If you are after some advice, we will run a few questions by you to determine a few alternatives we can recommend to you for your particular needs. Don't risk it and purchase from a vacuum cleaner store where the salesperson is NOT asking you the right questions and offering tips on the machine you settle on. Each machine has its benefits and by understanding them, combined with small pieces of daily usage advise, goes a long way to keeping you going.

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Makita DRC200Z Brushless Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an excellent cleaning tool useful in commercial applications. Automatic cleaning to collect dust and debris  - thanks to many sensors with selectable two running modes: Random Mode Cleaning / Pattern Mode Cleaning.

Two Dust Collection modes suitable for a wide range of vacuuming applications: Vacuum Plus Power Brush, for small and large debris / Power Brush only, for large debris.  Features:
- Capable of cleaning up to 500m2 with a 2.5L dust capacity
- Powered by either single 18V or dual 18V LXT batteries
- Delayed start, boundary sensor, cliff sensor and alert tones
- Automatic cleaning to collect dust and debris
- Remote control with locator button
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The Vax Power 5 Pet Bagless Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner is a compact and lightweight cleaner with powerful and long lasting suction thanks to its cyclonic technology. This easy to use vac cleaner has a TurboTool for getting pet hair off upholstery, car seats and stairs.

Single Cyclone Technology means cyclonic force separates dust from the air. With its lightweight feature, it is easy to carry to different rooms, up and down the stairs. Antibacterial HEPA media filter to effectively remove very fine dust particles, pollen and other allergens and reduce pet odours.

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Nero Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is a compact, powerful, lightweight, easy to use vacuum cleaner with 1.8L capacity. It provides powerful performance, ideal for daily cleaning.

It uses cyclonic technology to separate dust particles. It allows dirt to be easily seen and collected in the clear canister.  The cleaning head can be easily switched between hard floor and carpet settings. Features: - 1200W- Tool accessories included
- 360 degree hose swivel
- Clear acrylic dirt canister
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Vax VX59 Ultra Pro Powerhead Barrel Vacuum Cleaner is an easy to maneuver, very effective vacuum cleaner with a motorised powerhead for the deepest carpet clean and for removing pet hair from upholstery and stairs. It is perfect for homes with indoor pets.

Uses multi-cyclonic separation to trap dirt, dust and debris in the dust chamber ensuring reliable suction power and easy machine maintenance. Avoid scratching delicate hard floor surfaces - includes a hard floor tool that is especially designed for hard floor cleaning. HEPA 13 filter reduce dust particles, allergens and pollens.
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Zephyr 1600W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner is compact and has a powerful suction and a simple to clean reusable cloth filter.

This Vacuum Cleaner is bagless, so give it a wash, let it dry & replace and you are ready to vacuum again.

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The Cleanstar White 2200 Watt Bagless Machine provides powerful suction in a compact convenient space saving easy to use unit.

HEPA filtration. Twin Cyclonic Feature. Variable Speed Control. Combination Brush for Carpet & Hard Floors. Tools on Board (Dusting/Crevice Tool & Upholstery Tool). Stainless Steel Telescopic Rod. Retractable Cord. 360º Hose Swivel.

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1600 watt bag machine with retractable cord and 360º Hose Swivel. It comes with wheeled combo brush for carpet and hard floors, crevice / dusting tool, stainless steel, and telescopic rod.

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Zelmer Solaris 2200w bag machine with powerhead made in Europe 2 years warranty. It has parking auto start, soft wheels, long power cord (9.3M).
It is a powerful, silent vacuum cleaner incorporating all the best features of its forerunners, HEPA 13 Filtration, digital power control, dust container full indicator, filter replacement indicator, large working radius, and movable carrying handle.
It includes tools on board (dusting brush, crevice & upholstery tool), german wessel werk combination floor tool, hard floor brush, telescopic rod, hose assembly, and powerhead.
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Zelmer Solaris Twix 2200w Bag or Bagless Machine is made in Europe. 2 years warranty. The most advanced vacuum cleaner with very high power ratings and numerous enhancements.

It has 2 modes of operation: cyclonic or classic. Digital power control. HEPA 13 filtration. Filter replacement indicator. Dust container full indicator. Parking auto start, soft wheels, long power cord (9.3M), turbo brush. It includes tools on board (dusting brush,crevice tool, and upholstery tool), german wessel werk combination floor tool, air driven turbo brush, hard floor brush, telescopic rod, and hose assembly.

2250w Ducted System Vacuum Cleaner

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SD30 Central Vacuum System is a highly versatile unit recommended for medium-size homes with 40-60 metres of pipe. An octagonally shaped twin-motor machine with a disposable bag dust collector, the SD30 is strong and built to last.

NOTE: As the machine draws around 10 amps, it should have its own power circuit.

Twin Motor (2250 Watts) - 2 x Ametek 2-Stage Bypass motors (M031). 3 Horsepower (3HP). Bag machine (replacement dust bags: AF552/AF552S). Two inlet (entry) points on either side of machine. External muffler to reduce noise. In-built overload protection. 10 amps | 24400 RPM. Air Volume - 97 Litres p/sec; 205 Cubic Feet p/min. 710 Air Watts (max). Sealed Vacuum - 97 Inches of Water; 2484 mm of Water. Dimensions: 760mm high x 360mm wide

Typhoon Ducted Vacuum Cleaner-1700 watt

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Australian Made. Air Watt: 610. Input Power: 1700 watt (Italian Ametek Tangential Bypass Motor). Motor speed: 28726 RPM. Voltage: 240v AC.

Sealed Vacuum (Water Lift): 3244mm. Air Flow: 53.8 L/sec. Noise Level: 65 dBA. 40 Litre Dirt Capacity. Strong Galvanised Body. Bag machine (replacement dust bags: AF552/AF552S). Dimensions: 770mm x 355mm. Weight: 15kg. Max. pipe run: 50 metres. Number of Inlets: up to 6. Suitable for house size: 550m2
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4-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has four working modes - Sweep, Vacuum, Mop, Sterilise. Automatically cleans your floors - schedule working time, “full-go” cleaning, speed adjustment.
Bagless unit. LED screen and touch buttons. Non-collision bumper. Self-adjusting cleaning system for carpet, hardwood, linoleum & tiles. Stair avoidance detector (assures unit wont drop from stairs). Virtual wall detector. Wireless remote controller (lets you guide the cleaner in any direction to clean specific areas). UV light sterilisation kills most bacteria and viruses on the floor. Mop can be installed to improve cleaning efficiency. Auto-recharge docking station. 2200MAH NI-MH Rechargeable Battery (14.4V). 
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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 286 has bagless unit vacuum intake closer to ground (improves dirt pick-up) Small enough to get under couches & beds Ideal for wooden floors, carpet, vinyl, tiles and other hard floors

Three (3) intelligent working modes - Random, Spiral, Along the Wall.

Non-collision bumper (turns when encountering obstacles). Self-adjusting cleaning system. Anti-falling system. Adjustable anti-cliff sensors. Automatic shut-off feature if wheels get stuck Mop function. Two side-brushes to help pick up dirt more efficiently. Removable wheels & brushes. Easy to empty dust bin 800MAH NI-MH. VROBO-286

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The Silent Master SM1 ducted vacuum unit is a powerful yet quiet cleaning system which is designed to make cleaning larger houses easy. 

Featuring a massive 45-litre dust capacity, the Silent Master sits in your garage or in an out-of-the-way location while you simply connect the hose to one of the outlets throughout your home or business. The two 2400w, 3HP "Ametek Acoustic" motors provides a very thorough clean. Having the Silent Master installed also reduces the need to carry a barrel unit around the home as you vacuum! Please note that this price includes the ducted vacuum unit only.
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Platinum Vacuum Cleaner 2000W is made for ease of use and the Motorized Powerhead cleans carpets and rugs and Hard Floors.

It features variable height adjustment, dual-edge cleaning and a manual brush control for optimal cleaning from one type of flooring to another, and a swivel neck to help maneuver around obstacles.

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Zest Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1600 Watts is lightweight and compact, but strong in suction and affordable. With its combination floor tool, it is great both for your carpet and hard floor.

What is included?
- Plastic extension rods
- Combination Floor Tool
- 2l Dust Canister
- Combination Crevice Nozzle and dusting brush
- Upholstery Tool
- 1.5m Vacuum hose length

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Gravity 2200 WATT bagless vacuum cleaner is a great easy to clean powerful multi chamber cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner with a variable speed control and easy to empty dust container.

It comes with:
- Long Retractable Cord
- Variable suction control
- Combination Brush for carpet & hard floors
- Tools on Board (Crevice/Dusting Tool and Upholstery Tool)
- Stainless Steel telescopic Rod
- Retractable Cord
- 2.6L dust container capacity
- Cyclonic filteration
- 360º Hose Swivel
Available in green, orange, purple colours.