Nilfisk SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260 Stationary Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Nilfisk SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260 (Truck Booster) hot water stationary pressure washer for permanent placement outside for use in fleet, haulage sectors or in slaughterhouse delivery yards.

Nilfisk SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260  (Truck Booster) Features:
• Efficient outdoor cleaning of your vehicle fleet
• Stainless steel robust design against corrosion
• EcoPower boiler with >92% efficiency for reduced fuel costs
• SilentPower low noise level with 1450 RPM pump
• Simple control panel with only four buttons
• Ergonomic accessories for operator comfort
• Internal heater and internal frost protection down to minus 20 o C
• Flame sensor
• Water brake tank
• Automatic standby mode
• WDK dual detergent injector
• One year commercial warranty

Nilfisk SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260 (Truck Booster) hot water stationary pressure washer is a simple, robust and corrosion proof hot water stationary unit designed for permanent external placement in a forecourt. This enables constant cleaning of trucks, vans, commercial and construction vehicles and equipment.

Simple to use, access to internal components can be locked. The unit is then easily operational for multiple users with 4 push button function to select on-off, hot water, detergent without needing to adjust each time.

Nilfisk SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260  (Truck Booster) Includes:
101119496 Ergo Coupling Kit
61369 Hose Nozzle 20R3 /4
6101766 10 Metre DN10, 2 Wire Hose 3/8 x 3/8"
106403122 ERGO 2000 Standard Gun with Hose Swivel
106403010 Tornado Plus 1120 Lance without nozzle
101119747 Tornado Nozzle 0680 Indication Ring Grey

Product number 107370810
Model SH TRUCK 7P 175/1260
Power consumption (kW) 8.2
Length x width x height (mm)


Pump pressure (bar/MPa) 175/17.5
Cleaning impact (kg/force) 6.3
Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) 1260/1170
Max. inlet temperature (°C) 30
Water temperature (water/steam) (°C) 90/150
Pump (RPM) 1450
Weight (kg) 262
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/HZ/A) 400/3/50/17.5
Fuel tank (l) 33
Detergent tank (l) 2 x 25
Ceramic pistons 4
Nozzle size .0680
Sound power level, re Directive 2000/14/EU (LwA) 92
Fuel consumption, motor (Diesel) kg/h 5.3
Full ceramic pistons Yes
Stainless steel frame Yes
Automatic standby Yes
EcoPower boiler-high efficiency Yes
SilentPower - 1450 rpm motor Yes
QuickService - innovative concept Yes
C3 4-ceramic piston pump Yes
Ergo accessory system Yes
Wdk dual detergent injector Yes
Compact design Yes
Internal heater and insulation for frost protection Yes
Flame sensor Yes
Water brake tank Yes