Nilfisk SC UNO 4M 140/620 Stationary Cold Water Pressure Washer

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Nilfisk SC UNO 4M 140/620 (former Alpha Booster 3-26) is a compact stationary pressure washer for everyday cold water cleaning. It is suitable for everyday cleaning in agriculture, butchers, bakers, around swimming pools and in garages and car rental companies.

Nilfisk SC UNO 4M 140/620 features:
• Powered by high efficiency 1450 RPM motor
• Brass pump head with 3 ceramic coated pistons
• Pressure activated unloader system
• Enclosed oil system
• Robust steel handle for easy transport
• Can be operated in either vertical or horizontal position
• One year commercial warranty
Nilfisk SC UNO 4M 140/620 (former Alpha Booster 3-26) stationary pressure washer offers powerful cleaning, low sound level and high durability.

The ALPHA BOOSTER line is an ideal, ready-to-use stationary line for everyday use in most segments due to 1450 rpm motors, equipped with lance, hose and gun. Machines can be quickly and easily installed on a wall, out of harm's way. The units are then always ready for use without the hassle of needing to connect electrical cable and inlet water hose.

Gerni SC UNO 4M 140/620 (Alpha Booster 3-26) Includes:
101119496 Ergo Coupling Kit
106404529 Coupling Male/Female 3/4"
301002275 10 Metre DN6 Single Wire Hose
106403122 ERGO 2000 Standard Gun with Hose Swivel
106402282 Flexopower Plus 960 Bent Lance without nozzle
101119735 Tornado Nozzle 0340 Indication Ring Violet

Model SC UNO 4M 140/620
Product Number 107340500
Pump pressure (bar/MPa 140/14
Cleaning impact (kg/force) 2.7
Pump (RPM) 1450
Power consumption (kW) 2.9
Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/HZ/A 230/1/50/12.5
Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h) 620/560
El cable (m) 5
Nozzle size .0340
Max inlet temperature (°C) 60
Ceramic Coated Pistons 3
Length x width x height (mm) 480x240x340
Weight (kg)


Robust steel chassis and frame Yes
Ceramic coated pistons Yes
Oil Sight outside Cabinet Yes
Wall mountable Yes