Motorscrubber Prowash Scrubber for Industrial Cleaning

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Motorscrubber ProWash is a totally unique, simple to use, portable machine allowing mechanical scrubbing with chemical injection of large surfaces. It easily distributes chemicals and rinses dirt.

Why Use Motorscrubber Prowash?

- Achieve like new results
- 4 x faster scrubbing than manual methods
- Very simple to use, no need to learn complicated controls. Plug and go!
- 360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
- 100%* waterproof and rust proof
- Save chemical cost by setting your percentage and only spraying when needed
- Capable of spraying chemical where other systems use only pure water. In many cases, this is not suitable and chemical is a must.
- Users love MotorScrubber making cleaning enjoyable

The ultimate all weather cleaning machine

Waterproof, weatherproof and rustproof.With its stainless steel,  skeleton chassis and puncture proof wheels, the PROWASH makes light work of manoeuvring over train tracks and steps.

How To Use:
Apply the chemicals at a high level, then let Prowash does the scrubbing while gravity pulls down the chemicals. Gently move the motorized scrub brush machine from side to side and easily rinse with on demand fresh water.

Where to Use:
The cleaning results from 360rpm are incredible making light work of heavily soiled surfaces. ProWash is excellent for cleaning vinyl siding, cladding, guttering, commercial signage, trucks, trains, planes, boats and any large vehicle.

NO MORE Poor and disappointing results, labour intensive scrubbing and rinsing of exterior surfaces with Motorscrubber Prowash! Get yours now and experience the wonders of this amazing powerful Motorscrubber!

HAND-HELD MOTORSCRUBBER Charge Time    Up to 8 hours or overnight
Runtime            2 - 3 hours powered by backpack
Machine Weight    2kg (4.4lb)
Backpack Weight  3.1kg (6.8lbs) secured to waist
Scrubbing Width   18cm (7in)
Brush RPM           10,000rpm geared to 360rpm
PROWASH CART Charge Time        5.5 hours
Run Time             8 hours
Cart Weight          35kg (77lb)
Cart Dimensions   H 104cm x W 51cm x D 71cm
                                (H 40.9in x W 20in x D 27.9in)
Battery                    12vdc sealed acid battery
Pump Pressure      11 bar
Pump Open Flow    8 litre/minute
Liquid Capacity      50 litres (13.2 gl)
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