F25 Floor Wash Scrubber Dryer with Edge Cleaning

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F25 Floor Wash Scrubber Dryer is a fast, solid and efficient scrubber dryer that allows you to reach corners and sidewalks easily, keeping it clean. Maintenance and cleaning of the unit is simple as the unit is easy to disassemble and put back together.

It eliminates all the stratifications of dirt that the usual cleaning methods plaster to the ground. Dirt doesn't stick any more in a gluey surface but is visible and removable.
It comes with medium strength bristled brush suited to most surfaces from hard floors to carpets, also usable both indoors and outdoors.

Surfaces up to 200 m2/h
Induction Engine 400wat 2800g/m
Machine's Body Body width cm 33 Width cm 28,5 Height cm 14
Weight 10 Kg empty
Front Brush Ø86 – 700 g/m
Back Brush Ø54 – 1145 g/m
Water Tank Removable 4 lt
Dirty Water Tray capacity 1 lt