Mosmatic Pressure Cleaners

Mosmatic Pressure Cleaning Systems

Mosmatic offers effective and efficient cleaning equipment for various operations. They set their standards high when it comes to the best quality, ergonomic design and sustainable products that are made for daily use.

Mosmatic Surface cleaners are designed for commercial and industrial cleaning industries. Some common cleaning surfaces are concrete, wood, flagstone and more. Mosmatic also offers graffiti-removal and gum removal for commercial and industrial projects.

As you will see in the movie below: Surface Cleaner with recovery system, Surface Cleaner with or without caster, Steaminator, Manhole Cleaner and our High Pressure Cleaner Hurricane Pro with the possibility to change the cleaning angle.


Mosmatic Professional Surface Cleaner

Large model with suction. The Mosmatic surface cleaner with recycling function is perfectly suited for cleaning large surfaces inside and outside.

Mosmatic Universal Surface Cleaner

With Mosmatic Universal Surface Cleaner, a lightweight, multi-functional surface cleaner, you are ideally equipped to clean any kind of surface. You can tackle brick walls, boat hulls, jetties, stadium steps, pavements, windows, etc., efficiently and easily.

Mosmatic All Rounder Surface Cleaner for Small Cleaning Areas

Small model with recovery. The Mosmatic All Rounder Surface Cleaner is compact, lightweight with recycling function is perfectly suited for cleaning small surfaces indoors and outdoors.

Mosmatic Graffiti Remover - Professional Wall Cleaner

This Mosmatic professional wall cleaner is specially designed for removing graffiti. It is also used for restoring all types of surfaces and refurbishing building exteriors and interiors.

Mosmatic Gum Remover Surface Cleaner

Mosmatic takes the edge off work with the „All-in-one“ cleaning tool. This surface cleaner removes chewing gum from public areas such as sidewalks, train stations, parks and school facilities.

Mosmatic FL-SAR Aqua High Pressure Surface Cleaner

Mosmatic Surface Cleaner Aqua with Integrated Recovery. The dirty water and debris is recovered and expelled with the Venturi principle eliminating the need for vacuum system.
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Mosmatic Steaminator High Pressure Surface Cleaner

Save time in cleaning walls and other surfaces with steam using Mosmatic Steaminator High Pressure Surface Cleaner. By using this cleaner you are able to clean 4-5 times quicker than using a wand. Steam cleaning is a great way to disinfect, sterilize or degrease surfaces.

Mosmatic Roof Cleaner High Pressure Surface Cleaner

Mosmatic Roof Cleaner High Pressure Surface Cleaner is an industrial quality tool can be used quickly and effciently as the
operator stands safely on the ridge. Security, stability as well as cleaning results are emphasized.

Mosmatic Hurricane High Pressure Surface Cleaner

Mosmatic Hurricane High Pressure Surface Cleaner does not only allow you to clean underneath vehicles, you also have
the ability to pivot the spray deck which allows for multiple cleaning angles.

Mosmatic Duct Cleaner

Mosmatic Duct Cleaner is an easy to install, clean vent hoods, trash chutes, pipes, totes, manholes and most containers. This self rotating unit is completely maintenance free.

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Mosmatic Manhole Cleaner

Mosmatic Manhole cleaner is ideal for the restoration, cleaning and service of manholes, liftstations and other long verticle drops. Easy to use self rotating equipment made for higher flow rates. Stainless Steel protection plate included. Choose from a variety of sizes.