SEBO 360/460 Comfort Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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The SEBO 360 / 460 upright vacuum cleaner continues the long and successful SEBO tradition of twin-motor upright vacuum cleaners. Proven features like the COMFORT power head, and the suction wand with telescopic tube and equipped with an electronic guidance system supplies users with a powerful yet Operator friendly vacuum cleaner.

The SEBO BS 360 / 460 upright vacuum cleaners are reliable, robust and powerful, combine the proven design and performance of their forerunners with deep cleaning capabilities and a high quality HEPA filter system. This vacuum cleaner is designed for congested areas where filtration and hygiene is paramount.

Sebo 360 and 460 Easy Brush Strip Change
Easy brush strip change
The brush strip of the power head can be changed without the use of tools, simply by pressing the release button.
Sebo 360 and 460 Upright Vac Cleaner - Innovative Power head
Innovative power head
An electronic system advises the optimum setting for the 4-stage height adjustment and protects the motor and belt: If the brush is jammed it shuts down automatically.
Sebo 360 and 460 Vac Cleaner Blockage Clearing Access
Blockage clearing access
The self-closing flap on the bottom of the power head enables access to the suction channel to remove obstructions.
Sebo 360 and 460 Vac Cleaner Works Flat
Works when flat
The BS 360 and 460 can work when completely flat. With their low-profile
design, they make it easy to clean under furniture.
Sebo 360 and 460 Vac Cleaner Three Stage Filtration System

Three stage filtration system
A HEPA exhaust filter gives “A” rated filtration.

Sebo 360 and 460 Vac Cleaner Filter Bag Continuity
Filter bag continuity The large filter bag (1055) with sealing lid for hygienic debris disposal.