Nilfisk Liberty SC50 Robotic Floor Scrubber-Dryer

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Nilfisk Liberty SC50 is an autonomous floor scrubber for medium to large sized environments. Allows staff to focus on other tasks while the Liberty SC50 scrubs for 6 hours on a single charge.

Why partner with Nilfisk for autonomous cleaning?

Unique product benefits to help your customers clean more, faster

1. Superior cleaning - the SC50 is a robotic solution built on a quality, tried and tested Nilfisk cleaning platform, not the other way around.

2. Easy to operate - designed for scrubber operators, not programmers, the SC50 can be mapped and run with just three buttons - Play, Record and Stop.

3. Maximum efficiency - exclusive to Nilfisk, Fill In Mode saves operator time and maximises cleaning efficiency. The operator simply drives the perimeter of an area once, and the SC50 maps a scrubbing path with coverage of 98.5- 99.8% in minutes. Then, retraces that most efficient path again and again.

Scrub head Disc
Scrub path 51 cm (20in)
Solution/recovery tank capacity 57/53 L (15/14gal)
Voltage (V) 24
Battery capacity (Ah/5) 255
Protection class IPX4
Scrub brush speed 157 RPM
Handle vibration level (m/s²) 0.17
Vibration level at the operator's body (m/s²) 0.01
Max. theoretical productivity 1,936 m2/hr (20,839ft2/hr)
Speed (forward/reverse)
Sound level (IEC60335-2-72)
Gradeability transport % (DE
Gradeability working % (DEG) 9% (5.14 degrees)
Min. turn-around aisle width (cm) 159.2 (62.7in)
Squeegee width (cm) 76.7 (30.2in)
Length (cm) 135.5 (53.3in)
Width (cm) 76.1 (30.0in)
Height (cm) 144.1 (56.8in)
Gross weight (gvw) (kg) 484.4 (1067.9lb)
Max. transport autonomous 1.055 m/s (2.35 mph)
Max. transport speed - manual Fwd. 5.0 kph (3.1 mph)
Max transport speed - manual rev. 2.6 kph (1.62 mph)
Front and rear bumpers


Solution level indicator Included
Battery level indicator Included
Squeegee Included
TrackClean ready Included
Autonomous operation Included
Manual operation Included
TextAssist operator alerts Included
Digital reports Included
Software updates Included
Copycat mode


Fill-in mode Included
Pause/resume autonomous plan Included
USB port Included