Origin UHS525B Li-Ion Battery Powered Floor Burnisher

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Origin Vitesse UHS525B Li-Ion Battery Burnisher offers a world first compact battery burnisher with ultra high speed. It is ideal for buffing and burnishing all types of floors.

A real alternative to LPG powered burnishers, it's clean, light, manouverable, fast and environmentaly friendly.

Origin UHS525B uses a Li-Ion Battery, LPG performance without the toxic exhaust fumes, without expensive fuel costs.  No smoke, no fuel, no power cord, low noise no maintenance. It's fast (2500+ RPM), compact 60kg, manoeuverable and runs 2.5hours+. It's a low noise and zero maintenance corded burnisher without the cumbersome power cord.

Get the conveniences of a conventional battery burnisher without the high up front cost or bulky size.

Motor 1KW (1 1/3 HP) Permanent Magnet
Battery Li-ion 2.5 to 3 hours run time, 8 hours charge time
Brush Drive Direct
Pad Speed 2500 (also available in 1500RPM with extended run time)
Pad Size 53cm
Vacuum System Passive Air fully sealed with optional disposable bags. Clear Lid.
Filter Bag Capacity 2.8L
Handle Fully Adjustable
Wheels 150mm double bearing, rated 200kg each
Weight 60kg