Taski Ergodisc 2000 Ultra High Speed Burnisher

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Taski Ergodisc 2000 is an easy to use and simple ultra-high speed burnisher with excellent dust retention.  It is especially suited for burnishing and stands for proven high quality.

Taski Ergodisc 2000 UHS Burnisher features:

Easy and simple to use
Easy storage and transport
Best performance and highest gloss level

Taski Ergodisc 2000 machine comes with 1 disposable dust bag and build-in pad drive 50cm.

Best performance and highest gloss level
TASKI ergodisc 2000 stands for proven and high quality in line with rest of range. Ultra-high speed ensures shiny, slip-resistant floors in a fraction of the usual time. Perfect dust retention as a result of the innovative guided airflow technique leads to improved air quality and better polishing results, since dust/residue build-up in pad affects the gloss. The low noise level allows use of machine during day time.

Easy and simple usage of machine

The ease of use of TASKI ergodisc 2000 simplifies operation significantly during daily operation and reduces the need of operator training. The automatic weight balance does not require manual adjustment. Better
working conditions improve productivity through:

• anatomically-formed grip
• adjustable handle bar height
• low noise and vibration level

Easy storage and transport
Easy storage even in a small closet due to small and compact size and the possibility of storage in upright position. Low weight allows easy transport from site to site – no ramp or truck needed.

Working width 50cm (20")
Speed 2000 rpm
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Engine Height 23cm (9")
Nominal Consumption 1500W
Voltages Available 230 V  /  50 Hz 120 V  /  60 Hz
Cable 25m (82 ft)
Sound Level 70 dB(A)
Protection Class I
Approvals CE/CEB Test Cert/CSA
Note: The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.