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Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle is a quicker and easier way to clean floor for commercial applications. Ideal wherever speed, ease of use, lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues.

You simply need to press the button: 1 press releases 10ml which is more than double the dosage of a spray mop, and non-stop water release with constant press.

It is called The Sprinklear, maybe a uniquely Australian name but so efficient when you push the liquid button release. It actually sprinkles water, instead of misting it.

Total liquid capacity is 550ml. Unique rubber head rests against walls without slipping. Easy to use; no training required. Compatible with MicroFX Velcro and SuperSwish Pro Mop Bases. Handle length: 145cm

It can be used with bases from other manufacturers. Customers can clean with a velcro or flap/pocket flat mop or with disposable mop.

The Sprinklear Spray Handle Flat Mop System: How to use it and its benefits.

Possible Applications:** Any small business activity- Café- Post Offices- Restaurant- Banks
- Offices
- Groceries
- Fast Foods

** Big areas together with a cart
- Hospitals 
- On the cart as the main cleaning tool

As a solution for unexpected situations that ask for cleaning. Ex: every ward should have one to clean when something unexpected occurs and the cleaning service has already been done)
- Shopping centre

** Transport
- Buses
- Trains
- Trams
- Airplanes

** Specific areas. Ex difficulty to carry a bucket/trolley/cart
- Stairs
- See transport
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