Mopping - Wet

Do you have some dirty floors that need cleaning? Are you tired of buying cheap mops from the supermarket that fall apart after just a few uses?

Relax! We've got you covered with just about every kind of mop you could imagine! From your residential sponge mops, to commercial cotton mops, to flat mops, to dust control mops, to polycotton sealing mops - We do them all!

Cotton Mops are your standard mop head. Excellent for both commercial and residential use. These mops are build to last.

Microfibre Mops are the best standard mop heads on the market, giving you the best clean by utilizing microfibre technology.

Dry Mops are primarily for dusting and include large area mops such as the scissor mop.

Polyester Cotton Mops are for applying sealer as they leave no lint.

Sponge Squeeze Mops are self wringing mops with sponge heads. Good for small areas and residential use.

Antibacterial Mops are cotton mops with antibacterial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Strip, Cone and Easy Squeeze mops are budget mopping solutions for around the house.

Flat Mops are ideal for areas where you don't want to flood with too much water like floorboards.

Spray Mops have solution tank on the handle in which you can spray your solution on the floor as you mop. Very convenient and effective.

Below you'll find some of our best sellers and more interesting floor mops! If you can't see what you're looking for, browse through the categories above and we're sure you'll find what you need. Give us all call if you have any problems!

Cleaners Supermarket Ultra Hygienic Single Use Mops

Ultra Hygienic Single Use Mops, is a high quality ‘single use’ mop made in the UK to help you meet current audit requirements. Super absorbent, super light, hygienic disposable mop.

Rubbermaid Disposable Wet Mop

Rubbermaid Disposable Wet Mop delivers cleaner floors while reducing the spread of dirt and grime. It is 99% recycled non-woven material which provides a more effective clean than traditional mops.


Oates Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Mop Refill

The Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Mop is designed to be used along with the award winning Ezy Squeeze® Ultra Bucket. This mop features antibacterial properties that will ensure that your home or office is clean from germs and bacteria.

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Oates Duraclean Mop 400gm

Oates Duraclean Mop made from exclusive rayon, polyester and acrylic blend yarn for ultimate absorbency and cleaning performance. Unsurpassed durability makes it ideal for all heavy duty commercial cleaning jobs.

Premium Grade Microfibre Mop 350G - Round Shape

Round shape. 100% microfibre, tail banded for maximum floor coverage. Features loop ends with heavy duty plastic ferrule and adaptor to suit 25mm wooden handle or metal handles.


Oates Modacrylic Dust Control Mop - Metal Frame

Modacrylic Dust Control Mop features a sturdy steel frame that swivels. Complete with Steel Powder Coated Handle. Modacrylic fibres attract lint and dust.

Oates Tilt-a-matic Squeeze Mop

Oates® Tilt-a-matic ® Squeeze Mop is Australia’s number one selling squeeze mop! It is specially designed with a unique patented tilting mechanism that enables you to mop under low objects such as coffee tables, lounge settings and cabinets.

Oates Premium Antibacterial Mop

Antibacterial Mop. Antibacterial ingredient is designed to inhibit growth of bacteria within the mop.


Oates Microfibre Floor Mop - 60cm

60cm Microfibre Floor Mop. No wringing, squeezing, buckets or chemicals. Features swivel head. Microfibre attracts dust.


OATES Greentex Mop - 300g

Professional quality from the yarn manufacturers behind DuraClean mops.

Oates 400g Value Mop

Oates 400g Value Mop is durable and long lasting value mop is highly absorbent. It is colour coded series available to help avoid the risk between cross contamination between different working areas.