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Cleaning sounds like it's too much work. That's how it seems when you don't have the right cleaning products, equipment and tools. These things are meant to be your helpers when it comes to doing the most important job in any establishments: maintaining the cleanliness. Workers can't concentrate on their tasks if the place reeks of bad smell or is infested with bugs and insects.

Keeping areas clean at all times require not only the strength of the cleaners but also the effectivity of the cleaning products, equipment and tools used.

Here at Cleaners Supermarket, we regard cleanliness as a top priority because we know our clients do as well. That is why we provide only the best janitorial cleaning tools for many different uses. Our food grade tools and products range from brushes, buckets for general purpose, floor and wall scrubbing, dusters, gutter tongs and spray can holder, light bulb changers, handles, maids carry trays, tool holders, and extension ladders. With all these products present and ready to serve, surely you have found what you're looking for.

We also have a wide selection of cleaning supplies from trusted brand names like Oates, Sabco and Vileda that provide only the top quality cleaning services and bestselling mops, brooms, buckets, bins, gloves, and squeegees for all your cleaning needs. Truly, having the right supplies and equipment can make all the difference in cleaning. With our efficient and effective cleaning solutions, you can help keep your home, workplace, warehouse, or any types of establishments spotless clean, polished, and germ-free.

Buy your cleaning products here, if there is a cleaning tool you require but is not listed here, please call our friendly staff member who will be happy to track down your request.

Oates Duraclean Mark II Wringer Mop Bucket

Best seller Duraclean Mark II Plastic Roller Wringer Bucket 15 Litre from Oates. Ergonomically designed. Lightweight - unlike metal buckets.

Blat Fly Swat

100mm x 6mm x 390mm long handle.
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