Flat Mops

High Quality Flat Mop System

This flat mop system is great for daily cleaning and getting hard to reach places like corners. Lockable swivel head to give better control.

Rubbermaid Maximizer Overhead Cleaning Tool

The Maximizer™ cleaning tools help workers save time by reducing steps in a task, reducing the time of a step and reducing user effort. Engineered to last and designed to perform in a variety of common spaces. Maximizer™ cleaning tools deliver fast, consistent results shift after shift.

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Sabco Ultraclean Antibacterial Microfibre Flat Mop Pads

Sabco Ultraclean Antibacterial Microfibre Flat Mop Pads are designed to effectively remove microbes, dirt, dust and grime. Unique antibacterial treatment for superior removal of bacteria during washing.

UltraClean Microfibre Disposable Flat Mop Pad 25PK

Single use microfibre pads that are ideal for high risk areas such as aged care, healthcare, bsc & food environments. Great for use with hook and loop mopping systems.

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Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Flexible Frame and Covers

Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN™ Microfibre Flexi-Frame conforms to the shape of the surface being cleaned for better pickup of dirt and debris, allowing users to clean faster and more effectively.

SYR Microfibre Flat Mop Head 40cm

Microfibre Flat Mop Head is fast and effective, launderable, easily fits the SYR snapper flat mop holder as shown in the flat mop holder video.

SYR Syrtex Colour Changers 341g

Syrtex Colour Changers are another excellent innovation from SYR special SYRTEX blended yarn, looped end with band. These mops can last up to 3 months and are machine washable up to 90 degrees.


SYR Syrtex Colour Yarn Mop

For fast dirt pick up and water release, buy premium quality mop with unique looped SYRTEX colour yarn from SYR. Available in mini 35cm, midi 43cm, and maxi 60cm.

SYR Snapper Flat Mop Holder 40cm

SYR Snapper Flat Mop Holder has a unique SYR folding break-frame design, Interchange compatible handle fitting. SYR snapper flat mop holders are easy to use at the push of a clip.

Dual Action Flip Mop

This Dual Action Flip Mop features double sided mop head with telescopic handle. One side is chenile microfibre and other is coral velvet capable to tackling any mess on the hard floor.  Can be used wet or dry.


Microfibre Tab-lock Flat Mop with Coral Velvet Pad

Microfibre Tab-lock Flat Mop with machine washable coral velvet pad.  It uses mounting clips for quick release. Coral velvet pad won't damage floors, and improve efficient cleaning. Replacement pad available.

Floor Cleaning Kit

Floor cleaning kit includes: 1 x Ergonomic Telescopic Handle (white) with telescopic range 100cm - 180cm. 1 x Rectangular 40cm aluminium frame with removable velcro strips.
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Sabco Rinse n Wring No Touch Complete Flat Mop Set

Mop your floor with ease, hand free-rinsing and wringing with Sabco's Rinse n Wring Complete Flat Mop Set.

Oates Duraclean Flat Mop and Window Cleaner Bucket 18Litre

Duraclean Flat Mop window cleaning buckets have extra wide shape, are durable and are chemical resistant with ergonomic handle.

Oates Microfibre Floor Mop - 60cm

60cm Microfibre Floor Mop. No wringing, squeezing, buckets or chemicals. Features swivel head. Microfibre attracts dust.


Sabco Aluminium Base Microfibre Mop

Sabco Aluminium Base Microfibre Mop features fringe to collect dirt and dust, cleans grease and scuff marks and is quick drying. Ideal for damp or dry mopping applications.


Oates Enviro Floor Mop - Triple Action Flat Mop

Features swivel head and extension handle. Enviro Dusting Floor Pad is suitable for removing dust from surfaces around the home including sealed floors and ceilings.


Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop in Clamshell

With Sabco Super Swish Spray Mop, you won't need to take out a bucket & mop when you want to clean, the spray mop is always ready to use!

Per Roll

Sabco Grime Trapper Roll 9m x 15cm

Sabco Grime Trapper is special sticky pad to trap dirt instead of simply sweeping dust. This disposable pad is made from polyester and has a special adhesion treatment which helps to pick up to 5 times more than traditional dusting cloths or mops.

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Sabco Super Swish Xtra with Extension Handle

Sabco Super Swish Xtra picks up all dirt, dust and hair. Use wet or dry. All you need for hard floor cleaning, no chemicals required. Extendable handle.


Vileda Floor Cloth & Applicator Cloths

Vileda Floor Cloth or Vileda Oil impregnated cloths to suit Rubber or Foam applicator OR 60cm Microfibre Mop OAMF012.

Flat Microfibre Mop Frame

40 x 11 cm Mop Frame . See items below for suitable fringes. Can purchase bucket with wringer for this mop. See Buckets> Mop > Large

Polycotton Fringes for Frame

42 x 14 cm to suit the above frame.
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Microfibre Fringes

40 x 14 cm Microfibre Mop Replacement Available with Blue / Red / Green / Yellow Stitching 

Bio Healthcare Aqua Mop

40cm . 4 colours of detachable bottles.
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Microfibre Mop Covers for Bio Healthcare Mop TTS0B0000705

  • Attaches to Velcro Flat Mop Head or Bio Aqua Mop.
  • Can be laundered up to 450 times.
  • TTS0B0000705
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    Vikan Ergoclean Metal Flat Mop

    Heavy duty metal plate, with one way swivel lock. Replaceable Velcro, bumpers and yoke. Super light weight, yet robust construction.

    Rubbermaid HYGEN™18" Microfiber High Absorbency Mop Blue

    Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfibre provides optimal damp mopping performance. Addresses big spills… picks up over 24 oz of liquid.

    RMRFGQ41600 BL00
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    Rubbermaid Hygen Damp Mopping Microfibre Fringe

    HYGEN™ Microfibre Damp Mops are designed to create cleaner and safer environments and improve worker productivity. Innovative Microfibre technology is proven to remove 99.9% of tested viruses and bacteria*, combining superior Microfibre with built-in scrubber technology in the patented zig-zag design.

    Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfiber Damp Mop Fringe with Scrubber

    Designed for specialised floor cleaning and finish applications. Vertical polypropylene scrubber stripes remove stubborn spots and clean into tile grout lines.

    Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Frame for Fringes

    HYGEN™ Quick-Connect Frames features a flat profile that slides easily under furniture and equipment. Trapezoidal shape improves cleaning in corners and other hard to reach areas.


    Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Handle 132cm

    Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Handle reduces the physical demands of cleaning.Lightweight aluminium construction for improved productivity.

    Available colour: Blue and Green

    Rubbermaid Quick-Connect Short Handle

    Quick-Connect handles and poles make cleaning more efficient in every area of the facility. The unique connection mechanism allows for easy, time-saving tool exchange


    Handy Swish Mop and Refill

    Handy Swish Mop has a trapezoid shaped swivel head for convenience and getting into corners, tight spaces & under furniture. 

    Super Swish Pro - Microfibre Refill

    Super Swish Pro - Microfibre Refill is made up of polyester-polyamide microfibre. Its pockets and flaps are designed for hassle-free fitting on mop base.

    Sabco Super Swish Pro - Mop Base

    Sabco Super Swish Pro - Mop Base are clips to secure refill.

    Super Swish Pro - Fixed Handle (145cm)

    This Super Swish Pro - Fixed handle (blue) is available with nice blue grip  and is designed to suit Super Swish Pro mop base of 145cm in length.
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    Sabco Super Swish Pro - Dusting Refill

    Cotton flat mop.  Pockets & flaps for easy fitting on mop base. Its dimension is  42 x 14cm.This suits well with Super Swish Pro mop base.
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    Super Swish Pro - Abrasive Microfibre Refill

    Microfibre replacement mop with non scratch abrasive strips for extra tough dirt removal. Its packets and flaps are created for easy fitting on Swish Pro mop base.



    Oates 400mm Ultra Flat Mop

    Oates 400mm Ultra Flat Mop has extendable handle & swivel head easily manoeuvres into hard-to-reach places.  Velcro tabs for strong and easy connection to pads. Available colours are blue and red.

    Oates 400mm Heavy Duty Fluid Injecting Flat Mop

    Industrial quality and strength, ideal for wet or dry use. Velcro tabs for strong and easy connection to pads. Angled aluminium head to get into corners and along skirting boards.

    Oates 600mm Mega Flat Mop

    This mega flat mop head is meant for use with Oates' 600mm microfibre floor mop. It has a blue frame.

    Oates Fluid Glide Pad - 350mm and 550mm

    Cushioned Pad fits to baseplate with Hook fastening. Used in conjunction with Dispomop® and Dispomop® 3D range.


    Super Swish Duo Mop with TX Handle

    Super Swish Duo Mop with TX Handle features microfingers dry pad for sweeping. Mop body with extendable handle & swivel head. Its Microfibre woven wet pad is perfect for mopping.

    Numatic DTK2TC Telescopic NuMop Nylostripe 40cm

    This flat mop kit includes a telescopic handle, cover and a mop head to get you going. It uses pockets in the fabric to hang the cover on the head.


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    Numatic DTK3TC Nylostripe Telescopic Hang On Mop

    This flat mop kit includes a telescopic handle fitted with a comfort grip, cover and a 40cm mop head to get you going. Ideal for cleaning and drying high gloss flooring.
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    Numatic DTK4TC Telescopic Velcro Nylostripe 40cm

    DTK4TC mop kit complete with: Telescopic handle, Comfort Grip for ease of use, and Suitable for use with velcro mops only.
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    Taski Duo Mop System - Double Bucket Cart 17L

    Hygienic wet mopping sytem marked by its simplicity. It has two buckets - blue (clean water), and red (waste water).

    Rubbermaid HYGEN™ 24" Microfibre Damp Mop with Scrubber Blue

    Premium split nylon/polyester blend microfiber provides optimal damp mopping performance. Durable through 500 launderings, 200 with bleach.
    RMRFGQ42500 BL00
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    Rubbermaid HYGEN™ Microfibre Mop

    High-pile, 100% microfiber collects and holds dust and dirt mechanically and electrostatically for superior dusting results.

    Rubbermaid Executive Hygen Microfibre Flexible Flat Mop Hi-Performance Mop

    Rubbermaid Hygen Microfibre Flexible Flat Mop Provides superior trapping of dust, dirt, and debris to improve wet or dry cleaning. Great for dust-collecting areas like crown moldings and crevices.

    RMRFGQ86100 WH00
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    Rubbermaid Flow Nylon Flat Mop

    A premium quality nylon flat mop for wse with Rubbermaid Flow. Nylon Flat Mop lays a smooth, even layer of floor finish. It fits Flow Flat Mop Finish Kit.
    RMRFGQ80500 WH00
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    Wet System Light Flat Mop Frame

    This frame snaps in half for easy wringing. Greater area of mop on floor compared to normal cotton mops. It can be wrung out in normal wringer bucket or flat mop roller wringer smart buckets.
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    Smart Scrub N Dry 868 Covers

    For cleaning washroom and dirty areas that require scrubbing and to leave floors as dry as possible. These covers will scrub through grime and are available in washroom and general colours.

    Sabco MicroFX Active Velcro, Flap and Pocket Mop Pads

    MicroFX Active is ideal for all purpose cleaning. It is composed of 70% microfibre and 30% polyester.


    Sabco MicroFx Hygiene Velcro, Flap and Pocket Mop Pads

    Sabco MicroFx Hygiene is great for health care environments - bleach and strong chemicals resistant.The velcro, flap and pocket mop pad is made from 100% microfibre.


    Sabco MicroFX Xtreme Velcro, Flap and Pocket Mop Pads

    Sabco MicroFX Xtreme is ideal for heavy duty cleaning to remove sticky dirt, grime, grease and tough dirt. It is made of 100% microfibre white, and polyester and polypropylene black spots.


    Adapter Thread to Click

    Adapter 22 mm; from thread to click
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    Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle | Commercial Spray Handle

    Sabco Sprinklear Spray Handle is a quicker and easier way to clean floor for commercial applications. Ideal wherever speed, ease of use, lack of laundry facility & storage space are issues.

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    Mop Head only

    Oates Decitex Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop

    Decitex Fluid Aluminium Flat Mop by Oates is a revolutionary mop that allows the user quick spill mop up and to cover larger areas in a shorter time.