Scotch-Brite Power Pad 2000 Dark Blue

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Scotch-Brite Power Pad 2000 is an innovative hand pad designed for the toughest, dirtiest jobs yet gentle enough for most surfaces. It can clean 4x faster than a conventional commercial scourer.

Scotch-Brite Power Pad 2000 Dark Blue Features and Benefits:

- HACCP Australia endorsement as a food safe cleaning product.
- Very good scouring performance. Removes baked food faster than   
conventional products (usually  removes up to 50 percent more backed food 
residues than usual pads).
- Scratches surfaces up to 8 x less than other medium/heavy duty commercial scouring
- Bow-tie shape comfortably fits hand for easy scouring.

It can be 8 x less abrasive than other medium/heavy-duty commercial scouring products to help reduce scratching. It has a unique bow-tie shape.

Where and When to Use Scotch-Brite Power Pad 2000 Dark Blue:
It is endorsed as a food safe cleaning aid and meets  the  requirements of a HACCP based food safety   

Use to clean a wide variety of surfaces:
- heavily encrusted pots and pans
- kitchen and cooking equipment
- sinks   
- appliances
- countertops          
- doors
- floors
- walls
- drinking fountains
- ceramic tiles,     
- porcelain and more.


Rinse the pad after each use under tap water.
Remove deeply embedded soil by brushing the pad with a nylon brush.


Size 139 x 99mm
Weight 600 g/sqm
11 g/unit
Thickness 0.9mm
Printing White 3M
Color Dark Blue
Web Aggressiveness 0g removed
Food Removal Ability As  per our international standard backed food removal test, removes up to 50% more residue than conventional
green pad.