Scotch Brite Heavy Duty Scouring Hand Pad Green

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Scotch-Brite #75 green heavy duty cleaning and scouring hand pad, made of high quality synthetic fiber forming a  strong open textured non-woven web, having abrasive scouring particles dispersed throughout and bonded to the web  with a durable resin.

3M Scotch-Brite #75 Green Heavy Duty Scourer is used for scouring cookware pots and pans for cleaning
broilers and most equipment in the kitchen.  It is also  used for a variety of hand cleaning or scrubbing jobs in the
industry.  It can replace scrapers, steel wool and metal sponges.

Since this is an aggressive pad, it should be used on surfaces not damaged by scratching.


- Excellent  scouring  performances, can remove baked food.
- Open web does not clog up
- Conformable, allows to reach awkward places, corners...
- Dimensions to fit with handles.
- Can  work in hot water and usual cleaning chemicals    
(shall not be significantly affected by hydrocarbon solvents).
- Long lasting.
- Doesn’t keep or release harmful ingredients.

If needed, remove deep embedded soil by brushing the pad with a nylon brush,  or soak in a cleaning solution  to  dissolve cooked-on soil.


750 g/sqm
27 g/unit

Thickness 12mm
Size 175 x 125mm
Colour Dark Green
Aggressiveness *2.8g removed

*Schiefer test on acrylic plate material
(after 5000 revolutions with a new pad)
Composition Nylon Fiber
Dedicated Mineral
Polymer Resin