Pullman 60L Wet & Dry Stainless Steel With Outrigger Vacuum Cleaner

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The Pullman 60-litre Outrigger Wet & Dry vacuum is designed for effectively vacuuming warehouses and large areas with ease.

It features an extra-wide 60cm floor tool to help cut cleaning time in half, and features the patented Outrigger design which enables the user to smoothly push the vacuum rather than dragging a large unit around behind them. The 2300W Twin Motors provide excellent suction, and with the extra-wide 60cm floor tool cleaning up twice as much dust and dirt as a standard floor tool the machine provides a great user experience. It can be used as a standard commercial vacuum - includes 2-piece chrome rod, hose assembly, combination floor tool, dusting brush and crevice tool. It includes 10-metre extension cord. It has ergonomic Outrigger trolley design reduces fatigue and strain and includes an adjustable handle. Cord restraint to prevent cord damage. High-quality stainless steel construction. The ergonomic handle is telescopic and can also be folded down over the machine for ease of transport!
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