600mm Trusweep Heavy Industrial PUSH Sweeper

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TruSweep 460 sandbag. This is a manual sweeper that is suitable for small warehouses, pavements and parking areas where power is not easily accessible or a powered sweeper is not affordable.

This sweeper is easy to operate and highly manoeuvrable due to its lightweight and robust construction. This machine can pick up Polystyrene, leaves, crisps, cigarette ends and other debris from hard floors. It has an adjustable side brush which allows for up to the edge sweeping. The dirt collector can be easily removed when full. 60 cm cleaning path provide maximum productivity. The main brush pressure can be adjusted to suit floor conditions and types of debris. The side brush sweeps debris into the path of the main brush for pick-up. Sweeping performance of up to 2,600 m2/ hr. The innovative anti-wrap technology prevents threads, wires and long thin materials from getting wound on the brush shaft. It has large 40 litre capacity for greater productivity.


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