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This technology shift will save you a lot of money in reduced maintenance costs. The Nilfisk CS7000 combination sweeper-scrubber is a new green class of industrial cleaning technology reducing cost of operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency.

The sweeper-scrubber is suitable for floor cleaning in warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing plants, parking lots and ramps, food and beverage, transportation facilities, stadiums, arenas and more.

The optional dual-tank EcoflexTM system allows the operator to match the floor cleaning machine's performance to the soil on the floor and the required level of clean. The EcoflexTM system provides the most flexible cleaning solution for industrial applications. Cleaning green with the Nilfisk Ecoflex System is efficient, flexible and adds green value to any sustainability agenda.

The hybrid combination scrubber-sweeper is available in three models: LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and Battery. Whichever model you choose, the CS7000 delivers the lowest cost of ownership and the most suitable cleaning solution in its class.



Unique HYBRID system provides up to 30% less fuel consumption.
Huge 5.4 hours running time with the battery variant.
Innovative, patent-pending retractable offset deck and breakaway squeegee.
Easy to operate, simple to maintain with one-touch controls & no-tools access.
Superb productivity with minimized operating costs.
New and unique options offering including heated water & high pressure washer, EcoflexTM and DustguardTM.


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