Nilfisk SW4000 Battery Ride on Sweeper

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SW4000 Battery Ride on Sweeper from Nilfisk is a One Touch Sweeping is one of the essential functions which makes it simple, inexpensive and safe to operate this sweeper. This system works in which all functions – main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard - are activated and terminated simultaneously so that no brooms or fans are running needlessly, when the sweeper stands still.

The side brooms have no belts that can break or need change, thus reducing wear and costs of ownership.

SW4000 is tough on debris and gentle on the environment.

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One Touch Sweeping makes it easy to operate SW4000 since all functions – main broom, side brooms, vacuum fan and the optional DustGuard are activated and terminated simultaneously. SW4000 is also gentle to the environment with minimized energy consumption, recyclable materials, dust control and low noise level. The retractable, spring loaded side brooms, spring away on impacts, which means that they do not break or damage the inventory they touch.  The optional DustGuard™ misting system adds to the dust free sweeping improving the environment for operator as well as the surroundings. The high hydraulic dump ensures safe handling and fast dumping increasing the high productivity level and reliability of SW4000. All systems are controlled by the motion pedal, it saves power and broom wear and since all moving parts are run by electric motors they only consume energy when running. The comfortable operator compartment is easy to access, has adjustable seat and the retractable hopper can be closed from the compartment

Regarding maintenance, it is easy since no tools are needed for broom and filter removal. Easy access to all components allows maintenance and service fast and uncomplicated. The foam-filled wheels do not go flat or need refills, but add to reliability and comfort.

The retractable hopper can be closed from operator compartment allowing the operator to drive away immediately after dumping into a container. It is easy to access the comfortable compartment. It has adjustable seat and provides an unimpeded view of the brooms and working area.

SW4000 is a ride-on sweeper with high dump designed for maximum performance, reliability, minimizing downtime and your operational costs. It is the obvious choice for industry and manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, school yards, shopping malls, parking lots, sport centers, recycling facilities, multi-storey car parks and more. It is equally suitable for outdoors as indoors cleaning depending on selected power source, battery, LPG or petrol (only outdoors).

NI9084402010 - SWP SW4000 LPG Sweeper includes
1463913000 Main Broom, 1465318000 Side Broom, 1464189000 Filter Paper Panel

NI9084400010PB - SW4000 Battery Ride on Sweeper Complete Unit includes:
NI1463913000 Main Broom, NI1465318000 Side Broom, NI1464189000 Filter Paper Panel, NIDCR-EV305A-A Discover 6V EV Traction Dry Cell Battery (6), NI1465175000 Charger On Board Kit