Upholstery Products (Fabric)

Mr Nomarks Fabrisan Carpet and Upholstery Deodorant 5L with 500ml Dispenser Bottle

Mr Nomarks Fabrisan® is a revolutionary carpet and upholstery deodoriser that contains Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and will eliminate almost any odour. Mr Nomarks Fabrisan is effective in removing mould and spores and eliminating urine odours. Mr Nomarks Fabrisan dries to a non-staining, non-toxic residue that can be easily vacuumed away.

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Fabrisan Natural Carpet and Upholstery Deodoriser 5L

Fabrisan Natural Carpet and Upholstery Deodoriser is a specialised carpet sanitiser and deodouriser specifically designed for removing difficult odours from carpets and fabrics

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Uniters Fabric Care Kit - Cleaning and Protection

Are you looking for easy to use products to clean and protect fabrics? Uniters Fabric Care Kit provides an all-in-one simple care and protection system for fabric  - for regular cleaning and maintenance, and for protection from water, oil, and alcohol based stains.

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Uniters SOS Fabric Care Kit - Stain Removal

How to remove fabric stains effectively and immediately? Uniters Fabric Stain Remover Kit is formulated to clean stains even the toughest ones from any fabric including upholstery, rugs, carpet, mattresses, drapery and apparel.  It eliminates stains left by drinks, fruit juices, food, sauces, ballpoint pen, urine, blood, vomit and lipstick.

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Uniters Microfibre Fabrics Care Kit - Cleaning for Microfibre Fabrics

Are you looking for cleaning products for your microfibre furniture? Though Microfibre is a low maintenance, stain resistant fabric, but it still needs to be cleaned and maintained for it to last. The Uniters Microfibre Care Kit is specially formulated to make it easy to keep your microfibre furniture spotless.

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Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner 500ml

Britex Universal Upholstery Cleaner is formulated to deep clean, deodorise, revitalise and protect upholstery including furniture, car seats and lounge suites. It cleans and brightens upholstery without harming delicate fabrics while leaving a fresh, clean scent.

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Actichem Fine Fabric Encapsulation Shampoo

Actichem's Encap Fine Fabric is a unique upholstery cleaning detergent which is based on proprietary technology to provide a total solution to upholstery, delicate fabric and rug cleaning.


Actichem Upholstery Plus Premium Upholstery Prespray Detergent

Actichem Upholstery Plus Premium upholstery prespray detergent. Professional upholstery prespray detergent, formulated for the effective cleaning of synthetic upholstery fibres.