Upholstery Products (Fabric)

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Howard Natural Upholstery Cleaner easily and quickly breaks down stains and spills on all types of upholstery, fabrics and rugs. It has specialised essential fragrances which refresh while you clean.

The natural cleaners gently remove dirt, oils and grime from even the finest upholstery and Oriental rugs and car interiors. Do not use on leather. Cruelty free. Not tested on animals.

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Fibresoft Prespray - Part one of the two part Fibresoft System for cleaning Indian cotton and all sensitive and nonsensitive fibres. Gives brilliant lift to colours and whites when presprayed.

Fast drying. Must be used with Fibresoft Rinse in tank.

Available in 5L and 15L.

Bissell 2x Stain and Odour Formula 709ml

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Bissell 2x Stain and Odour Formula has advanced formula deep cleans and resists dirt and stains on carpets and upholstery.

This general purpose cleaning formula deodorizes and refreshes carpets and upholstery by penetrating deep into fibers to break down stubborn dirt, stains and odors.

The advanced formula deep cleans and resists dirt and stains with exclusive Scotchgard protector

- Contains Scotchgard™ protector to revitalize carpet
- washes carpet fibres to give carpet a deep-down clean
- Safe in all full sized carpet cleaners
- Average coverage 42 - 70 sq m or 2-3 average size rooms

Bissell Pet Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

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Premier Stain Repellent is proudly Australian made.
Premier Stain Repellent is a unique blend of ingredients designed to form a durable and invisible repellent shield against soil and common oil and water based spills.
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Actichem's Encap Fine Fabric is a unique upholstery cleaning detergent which is based on proprietary technology to provide a total solution to upholstery, delicate fabric and rug cleaning.

This innovative multi-task product can be used in one of three ways; first, encapsulation cleaning - for upholstery fabrics and delicate area rugs, a 1:16 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is spray applied, agitated and allowed to dry. Second, Low Moisture (Dry) Cleaning – for delicate cottons, a 1:4 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is whipped up to produce a rich foam which is then used to dry-clean the cotton fabric. Lastly, Wet Cleaning Delicate Fabrics – for water cleanable fine fabrics, a 1:16 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is spray applied, agitated and rinse/extracted with Clean Rinse.
Available in 5 and 20 litres.

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Actichem Upholstery Plus Premium upholstery prespray detergent. Professional upholstery prespray detergent, formulated for the effective cleaning of synthetic upholstery fibres.

It delivers outstanding grease cutting performance and stain removal ability for reliable and fast cleaning results. The addition of a unique stain removing compound releases many stains which other products leave behind. The net result is less spotting afterwards. The Upholstery Plus formulation has been carefully engineered to emulsify rapidly with the rinse water ensuring minimum residual chemical and maximum soil removal. A fresh citrus fragrance compliments the cleaned upholstery.  Available in 5 and 20 litres.