Uniters SOS Fabric Care Kit - Stain Removal

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How to remove fabric stains effectively and immediately? Uniters Fabric Stain Remover Kit is formulated to clean stains even the toughest ones from any fabric including upholstery, rugs, carpet, mattresses, drapery and apparel.  It eliminates stains left by drinks, fruit juices, food, sauces, ballpoint pen, urine, blood, vomit and lipstick.

Kit Contents:
- 100 ml Stain Away
- 100 ml Stain Remover S
- 100 ml Resistant Stain Cleaner
- 5 X 5g Ox’Cleaner
- 1 Soft Cloth
- 1 Sponge
- Care Instructions

This fabric kit contains 4 products for use on all Fabric, microfibers and fabric articles including car and boat seats, sofas, rugs, carpets, mattresses, drapery and clothes.

Suitable for: Natural, synthetic, blended fibres and microfibres

Be confident that your home, car or boat will stay spot free with Uniters SOS Fabric Care Kit