Actichem Fine Fabric Encapsulation Shampoo

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Actichem's Encap Fine Fabric is a unique upholstery cleaning detergent which is based on proprietary technology to provide a total solution to upholstery, delicate fabric and rug cleaning.

This innovative multi-task product can be used in one of three ways; first, encapsulation cleaning - for upholstery fabrics and delicate area rugs, a 1:16 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is spray applied, agitated and allowed to dry. Second, Low Moisture (Dry) Cleaning – for delicate cottons, a 1:4 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is whipped up to produce a rich foam which is then used to dry-clean the cotton fabric. Lastly, Wet Cleaning Delicate Fabrics – for water cleanable fine fabrics, a 1:16 solution of Encap Fine Fabric is spray applied, agitated and rinse/extracted with Clean Rinse.
Available in 5 and 20 litres.

Encap Fine Fabric contains ingredients which specifically target body oils and fats, beverage and food stains and organic soils. The mildly acidic character of Encap Fine Fabric helps prevent cellulosic browning and stabilizes fibre dyes. Encap Fine Fabric residues left in the upholstery or rug fibres dry down to a light, brittle crystal which quickly breaks away from the fibre and is left chemical free. It has unique embritteling and anti-resoiling polymer ensure that fabrics and fibres stay cleaner for longer. It is safe for use on all water cleanable fibres including silk, cotton, linen, wool, stain- resistant nylon and all synthetic fibres.

What is the difference between Encap Fine Fabric and a carpet encapsulating cleaner? Encap Fine Fabric shares a number of similarities with a carpet encapsulating cleaner but with a few critical differences; Encap Fine Fabric has a mildly acidic pH which stabilizes dyes and helps prevent browning. The cleaning ingredients chosen for Encap Fine Fabric specifically target the oily , greasy soiling typical to upholstery. Specialty stain removal agents are included to assist with the removal of beverage, and tannin staining.