Uniters Microfibre Fabrics Care Kit - Cleaning for Microfibre Fabrics

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Are you looking for cleaning products for your microfibre furniture? Though Microfibre is a low maintenance, stain resistant fabric, but it still needs to be cleaned and maintained for it to last. The Uniters Microfibre Care Kit is specially formulated to make it easy to keep your microfibre furniture spotless.

Kit Contents:
- 225 ml Microfibre Cleaner
- 1 Microfibre Cleaning Cloth
- 2 Sponges
- 1 Cleaning Mitt
- Care Instructions

The Microfibre Cleaning Cloth allows you to dry clean your furniture and to restore its velvety appearance. The Microfibre Cleaner will remove any heavy soiling and most common stains.

Suitable for: Microfibres