Wood Floors

Do you just love your wood floors, but hate it when they start to look dull, lifeless or streaky?

Cleaners Supermarket has everything you need to get your wood floors looking like a million bucks, without spending a fortune! Our business was born out of a floor coverings company, from a floor coverings family, who've been in the floor covering business since 1957. We know our floors!

If you've got a specific problem you just don't know how to solve, give us a call and speak to the experts!

Cleaners - Select this category if you're looking for a chemical for general maintenance and cleaning of your wooden floors.

Sealers - Select this category if you're looking for a product to protect your floor or bring that new floor shine!

Strippers - Select this category if you need to strip old sealer back to re coat your floors with fresh layers.

Waxes -

Floor Coatings - Select this category if you're looking for products to sealer raw timber floors.

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Taski View Quick No Rinse Neutral Cleaner with pleasant rose fragrance for lightly soiled, sealed or unsealed floors. It dries film free and leaves no dulling residues behind on surface.

It is a labour saving non-dulling floor cleaner. It reduces the time and labour necessary for effective cleaning by eliminating the need for rinsing.
- Non-dulling neutral floor cleaner
- Versatile and low foaming
- Effective cleaner that requires no rinsing
- Film free drying that leaves no dulling residue on surface
- Light red with a pleasant rose fragrance