Floor Cleaner: Heavy Duty and Routine Cleaning Chemicals

Maintaining cleanliness of your floor takes effort, and this effort can come not only from your part as the person who cleans but also from the floor cleaning chemicals that you use to combat germs. We've got that part covered! At Cleaners Supermarket, we bring you high quality and effective products that you would want for all your floor care needs.

It's not an easy task to keep floors clean because people tread up on it daily. But whatever types of floor you have, we've got the perfect floor cleaner to back you up anytime.

We have efficient and effective cleaning chemicals that serve as the best way to clean wood floors. Our products are perfect for all types of floor including timber/wood, vinyl, tiles, stone, granite, terrazzo, terracotta, pavers and more! We've got timber floor cleaner that will tackle all heavy duty cleaning situations, even the dirtiest ones.

You will surely be amazed at how our floor cleaning products will keep your hard floors spotless clean and fresh-smelling like they're newly installed. And that's because we've got the best products that are formulated to produce the finest results on all types of resilient floors. Maintaining your floors' glossiness and quality will not be as hard as it was before with our wide range of floor cleaner products. You can save labor time because of their effective cleaning without the need for rinsing. Our products can also be used on other hard surfaces such as walls, tables, and modern washable surfaces. So purchase now and see the amazing results!

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Dr Schutz SuperBond is an easy to use, solvent-free, special bonding primer for protecting ceramic tiles and stone floors as well as glass and metal surfaces before coating with a permanent PU sealer.  The protective film becomes unbreakable. Primer before coating with Dr. Schutz PU Sealer, Dr Schutz PU Anticolor or Dr Schutz PU Color. 
- Economical and reliable solution without forming a film
- Uniquely bonds permanent sealers to stone and tiled floors
- Sealer coating will not break, peel, flake or blister
Suitable for all kinds of silicate-based stone surfaces (e.g. granite), glazed ceramic tiles, as well as glass and metal surfaces.
Price Upon Application
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Dr Schutz PU Color is an easy, safe to apply colored 2part polyurethane permanent sealer, waterbased. Only for professional users. Hardwearing sealer film, excellent elasticity and good resistance against colorless chemicals.

Color shades: corresponding to RAL-K5, NCS-S, Pantone und Sikkens 4041, excluded fluorescent und metallic shades, or as desired by the customer by sample.
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Dr Schutz PU Anticolor is a special water-based 2part-polymer-sealer with especially high cross-linking density and therefore high resistance to chemical dying (hair colorants, wound disinfectants, etc.) and plasticizer migrations (e.g., from rubber).  Forms an extremely hard wearing sealer film with a satin finish. Only for professional use. Reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.
- Reduces dirt accumulation and maintenance costs
- Protects floors from discolouring and marking
- Minimises business interruption by never replacing the floor
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Dr. Schutz PU Sealer is extremely hard wearing film, special water-based 2 part polyurethane sealer for the long-term protection of floors. Only for professional users. Reduces dirt adhesion and the time needed for day-to-day maintenance.

Save money by restoring and improving floors instead of replacing
Optimum retention of value due to indestructible protection
 Eliminates the need to wax, strip or polish floors, ever again
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Dr Schutz Duro Plus L Additive is a liquid additive for increase in scratch resistance and matting finish on resilient and wooden floors in offices, sports & leisure facilities, and many more. For all Dr. Schutz 2-component lacquers and for eukula strato lacquers. Easy to work in, effective results. VOC free.
- Prevention and treatment of deep scratches
- Highly wear resistant and therefore minimises maintenance costs
- Makes tired and even damaged floors look like new
Ideal for all heavily worn surfaces and for dark, scratch-sensitive floor-coverings.
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Dr Schutz Antislip Additive is a supplementary additive for PU Sealer and PU Anticolor to extremely increase the safety and slip resistance of floors, make attractive and easily maintainable without ever having to replace.

This antislip additive is to be added to the sealer on site just before application. ONLY USE FOR PROFESSIONALS.

- Extends the life of any floor and reduces maintenance
- Exceeds safety requirements for hospitals and care homes
- Non-slip safety in both wet and dry conditions

Prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces by simply adding Dr Schutz Antislip Additive to your floor coatings!

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Dr Schutz R10 Additive formulated to increase the floor’s safety and slip-resistance to R10 classification, as well as improve the overall appearance and condition making it easily maintainable.

- Non-slip safety in both wet and dry conditions
- Meets safety requirements for hospitals and care homes
- Saves 80% against the cost of replacing worn out floors
Can be combined with all Dr. Schutz Water-based sealers in the areas of application specified in their descriptions. Dr. Schutz R10 Additive is only used in the final lacquer coat.

Septone Mop 'n' Scrub Floor Cleaner

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Septone Mop & Scrub no rinse cleaner is designed for cleaning lightly soiled sealed or unsealed floors and contains a pleasant floral fragrance. 

It is a labour saving non-dulling neutral cleaner. It reduces the time and labour necessary for effective cleaning by eliminating the need for rinsing. Mop & Scrub dries film free and leaves no dulling residue behind.
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Alkaline floor cleaner formulated for cleaning heavy duty grease and oils.
Ideal for surfaces such as ceramic, concrete, painted surfaces, vinyl, steel, stainless steel and most plastics.
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Reveal Heavy duty floor cleaner specifically designed for use in UHS
floor care programs.
It is designed to remove almost all types of dirt and soils. It can also be used on other hard surfaces such as walls, tables, and modern washable surfaces. It's ammoniated formula leaves no dulling residues.
It is used to deep scrub ultra high speed floor finishes. For heavy-duty cleaning for floors, windows and bathrooms.
Carton of 2
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Reveal JF Heavy duty floor cleaner for ultra high speed floor floor finish and multi-use applications, JFILL.
It is suitable for floors, walls, tables and modern washable surfaces.
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Mineral Oil and Grease Remover. Heavy-duty, neutral, low foaming floor cleaner for removing mineral, synthetic oil and grease, and water-soluble soil.
It is low foaming for fast solution pick-up and optimal recover tank use.
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View Quick No Rinse Neutral Cleaner with pleasant rose fragrance for lightly soiled, sealed or unsealed floors. It dries film free and leaves no dulling residues behind on surface.

It is a labour saving non-dulling floor cleaner. It reduces the time and labour necessary for effective cleaning by eliminating the need for rinsing.
- Non-dulling neutral floor cleaner
- Versatile and low foaming
- Effective cleaner that requires no rinsing
- Film free drying that leaves no dulling residue on surface
- Light red with a pleasant rose fragrance

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High performance cleaner plus a maintainer in a single step that rejuvenates UHS floor finishes.
Revive can be applkied by mop or through and autoscrubber for use in swing buffing or UHS floorcare systems. This floor cleaner dries immediately when used in automatic scrubber. It definitely saves labor and time. Great for daily use.

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Jasol Glaze Clean Mop is an excellent, no-rinse, quick drying floor cleaner with pleasant fragrance specially formulated for use in areas where a high gloss metal-interlock floor finish is.

This floor cleaner improves the appearance of the floor finish while cleaning. Vinyl ​floor ​cleaner ​concentrate.​ ​Recommended ​usage ​rate: ​1:40 ​-​ ​1:60