Simple Green Floor Cleaner Ready to Use 946ml Trigger Spray

Simple Green
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Simple Green Floor Cleaner Ready-to-Use is a non-toxic and biodegradable floor cleaner that quickly and easily cleans and restores a luxurious shine to wood, laminate and tile floors without the dulling build-up or unsightly streaks that other cleaners can leave behind.

It is specially formulated to prevent build-up, and leaves behind no dulling residue on wood, tile and laminate floors.

Where and How to Use Simple Green Floor Cleaner Ready-to-Use?

- Use on wood, laminate and tile floors.

1. Before using, always test first on a hidden area of floor for compatibility.
2. Shake bottle gently a few times before use.
3. Spray, mop, or wipe onto hard floor surfaces.
4. Damp-wipe or mop with clean, ambient water for best results.
5. Allow floor to dry before resuming traffic.

Note: Do not over-saturate wood or laminate floors.