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Looking on ways to attack mould and prevent it from returning? We offer high quality and cost effective Mould Remediation Products  for removing mould and preventing mould growth.

Our aim is to simplify the selection and purchasing process and provide the best Mould Removal products so you can achieve your desired results.

Prep Mould Destroyer

Pre-paint mould destroyer and surface cleaner. Suitable for all interior and exterior surfaces around the home. Easy application formula, simply spray, brush or wipe on.

Actichem Hypo Enforcer Mould Remover Chlorine Additive

Use Actichem's Hypo Enforcer (AP727) to make Mould Exterminator the amazing product that it is. It is an additive designed to boost the chlorine power in Sodium hypochlorite, provides consistent, reliable results in mould remediation every time.

Actichem Mould Exterminator - Ready-to-Use Mould Removal

Actichem's Mould Exterminator (AP726) decontaminates and stabilises surfaces contaminated with mould and microbiological organisms.It is a safe, ready-to-use product. No more mixing required.

Prep Mould Defence Mould Inhibitor

Prep Mould Defence is a powerful long lasting mould inhibitor to add to paint, timber oils, stains, textured coatings, grout, mortar and adhesives. It forms an enduring film that will not change the look or feel of the substrate to which it is applied.

Actichem Mould Remover - Mould Removal Solution and Sanitiser

Actichem Mould Remover is a powerful, ready-to-use mould removal solution and sanitiser for all surfaces.  Powered by high activity Hydrogen Peroxide, this product works quickly and effectively to exterminate mould, brighten and sanitise surfaces.


Moldstat PLUS

This American Manufactured product is an alternative to bleach.  Moldstat PLUS is a fungicide, mildew-cide, disinfectant, and sanitizer eliminates a broad range of bacteria, including mold and mildew and is formulated for the mold remediation and restoration professional.


So Safe External Surface Revival

SoSafe External Surface Revival, mould removal products for exterior and interior surfaces are proven products, designed to remove and prevent algae, mould and mildew in problem areas. SoSafe mould remover products are gentle on surfaces and are easy to use.

So Safe Surface Revival Empty Bottle with witches Hat

To use the so Safe external Revival . Can buy Canyon triggers that will fit onto this threaded bottle.

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Lencia Spray and Forget Bath and Shower Cleaner Maintainer

Lencia Spray and forget,bathroom cleaner concentrate *with natural mildewicide/mouldicide.


Enzyme Wizard Bathroom or Kitchen Mould and Mildew Spray and Wipe

Enzyme Wizard Mould and Mildew is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation. All purpose bathroom kitchen spray and wipe.


Diggers Eco In-ground Timber Protecta

Diggers Eco In-Ground Timber Protecta is a non hazardous ‘creosote alternative’ that provides a tough bitumen coating to improve protection against moisture and deterioration on timber and masonry surfaces.


Actichem Percide Peroxide Mould & Pathogen Decontaminant & Cleaner

Actichem Percide Peroxide Mould & Pathogen Decontaminant & Cleaner is designed to not only kill the mould but to remove it.  It is a Peroxide based product which contains very low levels of Peroxide but has potentiates to boost its activity. It also has a boost additive with improves its performance radically.


Actichem Percide Boost - Activator for Percide

Actichem’s Percide Boost accelerates the extraordinary micro-organism killing power and destaining ability of  AP610 Percide. With an easy 1:9 mixing ratio, Percide Boost is convenient in use and produces dramatic results.

Actichem Clean Force Enzyme Carpet Prespray Powder

Enzyme carpet pre-spray powder. Actichem Clean Force is a super concentrated pre-spray powder with powerful enzyme cleaning action for tackling tough organic and greasy soiling.

Diggers Anti-mould Linseed Oil

Diggers Anti-Mould Linseed Oil, a ready-to-use, unique, inexpensive substitute to conventional decking oils. Both internal and external trials have shown this product to provide mould and mildew resistance.


30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away - Lichen, Moss, Algae Killer

30 Seconds Spray and Walk Away is one of the countries most loved brands. Its the simplest and easiest way to treat lichen, moss, mould, algae and mildew over time.

30 Seconds Mould Off Indoor Mould Remover 1L

30 Seconds Mould Off Indoor Mould Remover is the product you need to rid your home of mould and mildew quickly and effectively. It's fully biodegradable and is suitable for use on glass, floors, sinks, vinyl curtains, benches, rubber bath mats, showers, shower doors, wood, painted walls, tile grout and tiles.

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Makes 25 Litres

30 Seconds Roof Treatment 5L

30 Seconds Roof Cleaner is the cost effective way to treat your roof and add real value to your property! It is an effective, non bleach based roof cleaner that can be used to treat all types of roof materials from moss, algae, mildew, and lichen.

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