Actichem Hypo Enforcer Mould Remover Chlorine Additive

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Use Actichem's Hypo Enforcer (AP727) to make Mould Exterminator the amazing product that it is. It is an additive designed to boost the chlorine power in Sodium hypochlorite, provides consistent, reliable results in mould remediation every time.

On its own, Sodium Hypochlorite will only actually release a small percentage of its real power when applied to a mould affected surface. This is due to its in-built stabilisation mechanism as well as its poor wetting ability.

When you add Hypo Enforcer, Sodium Hypochlorite comes alive. You will immediately extract every single atom of power out of the Chlorine molecule, and drive that power right down deep into the roots and hyphae of the mould and thoroughly destroy it.

Hypo Enforcer + Chlorine penetrates deep into the affected surface and completely destroys the mould hyphae and root system. This ensures a 100% clearance report on every mould remediation job.